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Module Reading List

IVF and Embryo Culture, 2011/12, Semester 1, 2
Mrs Jan Hogg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

ELDER, K. and DALE, B. (2011) In Vitro Fertilization . 3rd edition. Cambridge University Press.

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Suggested reading

This is a list of suggested reading/reference; you are not expected to purchase all these texts

ALBERTS, B. et al (2008) Molecular biology of the cell . 5th edition. Garland Publishing.

BALEN, A.H. (2008) Infertility in practice . 3rd edition. Informa Healthcare.

ELDER, K., BAKER, D. and RIBES, J. (2011) Infections, infertility, and assisted reproduction. Cambridge University Press.

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JOHNSON, M. (2007) Essential reproduction . 6th edition. Blackwell Scientific.

LEWIN, B. (2008) Genes . 9th edition. Oxford University Press.

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STRACHAN, T. and READ, A.P. (2011) Human molecular genetics . 4th edition. Bios Scientific Publishers.

WHO (2010) World Health Organisation Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen. 5th edition Available from

ELDER, K. and COHEN J. (2007) Human preimplantation embryo selection . Informa UK

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HFEA website:

This list was last updated on 25/10/2011