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Module Reading List

Introduction to Meteorology and Weather Forecasting, 2011/12, Semester 2
Doug Parker
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


There are a number of good books on basic meteorology: here is a sample. The new text by Markowski and Richardson seems excellent, and will be useful if you take the subject further at level 3. Ahrens and McIlveen are also good for this course; Ahrens is more descriptive and McIlveen a bit more technical. The companion to Ahrens's book, by Roland Stull, fills in many useful technical details. Bader et al. is an excellent guide to satellite imagery and basic understanding of weather systems.

Markowski, P. and Richardson, Y., 'Mesoscale meteorology in midlatitudes', Wiley, 2010.

Ahrens, C. Donald, ´ Meteorology today: an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment' , St Paul, West, 1991
McIlveen, J.F.R., ´ Fundamentals of weather and climate ', London, Chapman and Hall, 1992
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Roland Stull, ´ Meteorology today for scientists and engineers - a technical companion book ' West Publishing Company, St. Paul, 1995
Wallace, J.M. and Hobbs, P.V., ´ Atmospheric science an introductory survey ', New York, Academic Press, 1977

Lynch, A and Cassano, J: Applied atmospheric dynamics , Wiley, pp280, 2006.
Carlson, T.N.: Mid-latitude weather systems s, AMS, pp507, 1998 [This title is available in the library but is now out of print therefore further copies are unobtainable]
Martin, J.M.: Mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics : a first course , Wiley, pp324, 2006

Atkinson, B.W., ´ Meso-scale atmospheric circulations ', New York, Academic Press, 1981
Barry, R.G. and Chorley, R.J., ´ Atmosphere, weather and climate ', Routledge, 1987
Oke, T.R., ´ Boundary layer climates ', Methuen, 1987.
Rogers, R.R. and Yau, M.K., ´ A short course in cloud physics ', Pergamon Press, 1989


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