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Module Reading List

Topics in Epistemology: Knowledge and Justification, 2011/12, Semester 1
Dr Heather Logue
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

***updated 16 November***

Almost all of the readings for this module are in Epistemology : an anthology (Second Edition, eds. Sosa, Kim, Fantl, and McGrath-- henceforth SKFM). I recommend that you purchase this book, as it is the easiest way to get access to the majority of the readings. However, many of the readings are available in online journals and books, so you could forgo the book if you're willing to go to the trouble of acquiring the readings that aren't available online (marked by '*').

Week 1: Dreams and lotteries

Stroud, “The Problem of the External World” (selection), SKFM pp. 7-12 (up to “The Cartesian argument presents a challenge to our knowledge…”) - also available online: The significance of philosophical scepticism , Ch. 1, via MyiLibrary

Hawthorne, "A Puzzle", in Knowledge and lotteries , Ch. 1, section 1.1, available via MyiLibrary

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Week 2: Analysing knowledge

Gettier, “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? ”, SKFM pp. 192-3 - also available online: Analysis Vol. 23 (1963)

Zagzebski, “The Inescapability of Gettier Problems”, SKFM pp. 207-212 - also available online: The philosophical quarterly , Vol. 44 (1994)

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Week 3: Analysing knowledge (continued)

*Nozick, "Knowledge and Skepticism" (selection), SKFM pp. 255-8 (up to the section "Ways and Methods") - originally published in Nozick, Philosophical explanations . Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1981.

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Week 4: Analysing knowledge (continued)

Williamson, “A State of Mind” (selections), SKFM pp. 213-14 (“Factive Attitudes”) and pp. 218-24 (from "Experience confirms inductively..." through the end of “Knowing as the Most General Factive Mental State”) - also available online: Knowledge and its limits , Chapter 1, via MyiLibrary

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Week 5: Externalism about justification

*Goldman, “What is Justified Belief? ” (selection), SKFM pp. 333-43 (up to section III) - originally published in Pappas (ed.), Justification and knowledge : new studies in epistemology . Dordrecht: D. Reidel, 1976.

BonJour, “Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge” (selection), SKFM pp. 367-72 (sections III and IV) - also available online: Midwest studies in philosophy , Vol. 5, (1980)

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Week 6: Essay writing week

No readings

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Week 7: Internalism about justification, and the structure of justification

Feldman and Conee, "Internalism Defended" (selections), SKFM pp. 407-9, 412-15 (section I, section III A2 and A3) - also available online: American philosophical quarterly , Vol. 38, (2001)

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Week 8: The structure of justification

BonJour, "Can Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation? ", SKFM pp. 109-23 - also available online:  American philosophical quarterly , Vol. 15 (1978)

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Week 9: Responding to scepticism: Denying the closure principle

Stine, "Skepticism, Relevant Alternatives, and Deductive Closure”, SKFM pp. 247-54 - also available online: Philosophical studies , Vol. 29 (1976)

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Week 10: Responding to scepticism: Contextualism and Mooreanism

DeRose, “Solving the Skeptical Problem” (selections), SKFM pp. 669-71, pp. 676-81 (sections 1-2, 7-10) - also available online: Philosophical review , vol. 104 (1995)

*Moore, “Proof of an External World”, SKFM pp. 26-8 - originally published in Moore, Philosophical Papers . London: Allen and Unwin, 1959.

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Week 11: Sosa's neo-Mooreanism 

*Sosa, "How to Defeat Opposition to Moore", SKFM pp. 280-9 - originally published in Philosophical perspectives , vol. 13 (1999)

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