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GEOG2035 - General Module Reading List

Geographies of Economies, 2015/16, Semester 1, 2
Dr Alex Schafran
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Key Reading

Note that the references below are to key reading. You will receive fuller reading lists separately. We encourage you to look beyond these lists and conduct your own bibliographical research.

The library is very well stocked with the latest publications on economic geography. You will find the following readers, companions and handbooks particularly useful. They contain either reprints of the most important contributions to economic geography debates or specially commissioned chapters that summarise key discussions and debates.

Readers and handbooks

Aoyama, Yuko, James Murphy and Susan Hanson. 2011.Key concepts in economic geography . London: Sage. EBL 12 x 2, 9 x5 GEOG K-18 AOY.

Bryson, John, Nick Henry, David Keeble and Ron Martin, eds. 1999.The economic geography reader : producing and consuming global capitalism . Chichester: Wiley. EBL 12 9 x4 Geography K-18 BRY.

Barnes, Trevor, Jamie Peck, Eric Sheppard, Adam Tickell, eds. 2004.Reading economic geography . Oxford: Blackwell. EBL 12 9 x9, GEOG K-18 BAR. Ebook.

Barnes, Trevor, Jamie Peck and Eric Sheppard, eds. 2012.The Wiley-Blackwell companion to economic geography . Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell. EBL 12 9 x3 GEOG K-18. Ebook.

Clark, Gordon, Maryann P. Feldman and Meric S. Gertler. 2000.The Oxford handbook of economic geography Oxford: Oxford University Press. EBL 12 9 x 3 HD Geog K-18 CLA.

Leyshon, Andrew, et al., eds. 2009.The SAGE handbook of economic geography . London: Sage.

Sheppard, Eric, and Trevor Barnes, eds. 2003.A Companion to Economic Geography. Oxford : Blackwell. EBL 12 x2 9 x2 Geography K-18 SHE.

Text books

Coe, Neil, Philip F. Kelly, Henry Wai-Chung Yeung. 2007.Economic geography : a contemporary introduction . Oxford: Blackwell. EBL 12 HD 9 x5 GEOG K-18 COE.

Coe, Neil, and Andrew Jones, eds. 2010.The economic geography of the UK. London: Sage. EBL 12 HD 9 x5 Geography K-1.1 COE.

Mackinnon, Danny, and Andrew Cumbers. 2011.Introduction to economic geography : globalization, uneven development and place . Harlow: Pearson. EBL 12 9 x9 GEOG K-18 MAC. Ebook.

Tickell, Adam, et al., eds. 2007.Politics and practice in economic geography . Los Angeles: Sage. EBL 12 9 x 3 Geography K-18 TIC. Ebook .


There are two prominent specialist journals in the library,Economic geography. and the Journal of economic geography. You will find other major geography journals of use, including:Environment and planning. A : environment and planning. ,Antipode. ,Geoforum. ,Annals of the Association of American Geographers. , Geografiska Annaler. Series B, Human geography., Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers , Progress in human geography., Urban studies. ,Regional studies. , andInternational journal of urban and regional research = Revue internationale de recherche urbaine et régionale. .

Introductory lectures

Barnes, Trevor. 2002. Inventing Anglo-American Economic Geography, 1889-1960. In E. Sheppard and T. Barnes, eds.A Companion to Economic Geography . Oxford: Blackwell. Pp- 11-26. Available from VLE.

Scott, A. J. 2000: Economic Geography, the great half-century.Cambridge journal of economics. , 24 (4): 483-504.

Stanford, Jim. 2008.Economics for everyone : a short guide to the economics of capitalism . London: Pluto Press.


Walker, Richard. 2012. Geography in economy: reflections on a field. In T. Barnes, J. Peck and E. Sheppard, eds.The Wiley-Blackwell companion to economic geography . Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell. Pp- 47-60.

Core Concerns in Economic Geography

For general overview reading, see text books and readers and handbooks above, especially Coe et al. 2007, Mackinnon and Cumbers 2011 and Tickell et al. 2007.

For specific reading attached to each lecture, see Module Handbook Part 2. Each lecture draws on at least one book chapter or journal paper that is available electronically.

Regional geography and spatial analysis

Barnes, Trevor. 2003: Inventing Anglo-American Economic Geography, 1889-1960. In Sheppard, A., and Barnes, T. (eds)  A Companion to Economic Geography . London: Blackwell.

Barnes, Trevor. 2011(a). Spatial Analysis. In J. Agnew and D. Livingstone, eds.  The SAGE handbook of geographical Knowledge . London: Sage.

Barnes, Trevor. 2011(b). The Quantitative Revolution and Economic Geography. In A. Leyshon, R. Lee, L. McDowell and P. Sunley eds.  The SAGE handbook of economic geography . London: Sage.

Barnes, Trevor. 2012. Notes from the Underground: Why the History of Economic Geography Matters: The Case of Central Place Theory. Economic geography. . , 88 (1): 1-26.

Graham, Mark. 2009. Neogeography and the palimpsests of place: web 2.0 and the construction of a virtual earth. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie = Journal of economic and social geography. .  101 (4): 422-436.

Johnston, Ron. J. 1997.  Geography and Geographers: Anglo-American human geography since 1945  (5 th edition). London: Arnold. (See pp.48-109 and equivalent content in earlier volumes)

Leszczynski, Agnieszka . 2009. Quantitative Limits to Qualitative Engagements: GIS, Its Critics, and the Philosophical Divide. The professional geographer. .  61 (3): 350-365

Sayer, Andrew. 1982. Explanation in economic geography: abstraction versus generalisation. Progress in human geography. , 6: 68-88.

Marxist approaches

General overviews

Peet, R. 1985. An Introduction to Marxist Geography,Journal of Geography. , 84(1): 5-10.

Required reading

Harvey, David. 2008. The Right to the City,New left review. 53: Sept-Oct, 23-40.


Harvey, David.1978. The urban process under capitalism: a framework for analysis.International journal of urban and regional research = Revue internationale de recherche urbaine et régionale. 2: 101-131.

Harvey, D. 1972. Revolutionary and Counter Revolutionary Theory in Geography and the Problem of Ghetto Formation Antipode 4 (2): 1-13, reprinted in H. Bauder, and S. Engel-Di Mauro,,eds, 2008. Critical Geographies: A Collection of Readings , http://www.praxis-epress.org/CGR/11-Harvey.pdf

Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich 1848.Manifesto of the Communist Party (known as the ‘Communist Manifesto’).

Marxists Internet Archive, http://www.marxistsfr.org/archive/marx/works/download/manifest.pdf

Scannella, Mario. 1997. Marx for beginners The Philosophers Magazine 1: 36-37.


Smith, Neil. 1982. Gentrification and Uneven Development Economic geography. 58: 139-55.

Swyngedouw, Eric. 2003. The Marxian alternative: historical-geographical materialism and the political economy of capital. In E. Sheppard and T. Barnes, eds.A Companion to Economic Geography London: Blackwell.

The cultural turn

General overviews:

Amin, Ash, and Thrift, N. 2000. What kind of economic theory for what kind of economic geography?  Antipode. . 32 (1): 4-9

Jackson, Peter. 2001. Commercial cultures: Transcending the cultural and the economic. Progress in human geography. .  26 (3): 3-18. 

Mansvelt, Juliana. 2005:  Geographies of consumption London: Sage.

Required reading:

Barnes, Trevor. 2003. Never mind the economy. Here’s culture. In Anderson, K. Domosh, M. Pile, S. and Thrift, N. eds:Handbook of cultural geography , London: Sage. Available online at http://www.sagepub.com/upm-data/9443_010769IntroSec2.pdf

James, A. Martin, R. and Sunley, P. 2007: The Rise of Cultural Economic Geography, in Martin, R. and Sunley, P, eds: Critical Concepts in Economic Geography: Vol. IV, The cultural economy London: Routledge. Draft available online at: http://www.geog.qmul.ac.uk/docs/staff/4516.pdf

Schein, Richard. 2004. Cultural Traditions. In Duncan, J. Johnson, N. and Schein, R. eds.A companion to cultural geography . London: Blackwell.

History of geographical thought

The following are amongst the major texts that present the history of geographical thought for students.

Cloke, P., Cook, I., Crang, P., Goodwin, M., Painter, J., and Philo, C. 2004:  Practising Human Geography  London: Sage.

Holt-Jensen, A. (trans: Fullerton B.) 1999:Geography: history and concepts, a student's guide (3rd Edition). London: Sage.

Johnston, R. J. 1997.Geography and Geographers: Anglo-American human geography since 1945 (5 th edition). London: Arnold.

Johnston, R. J. 2003: Order in space: Geography as a discipline in distance. In Johnston, R. and Williams, M (eds):A century of British geography . London: Oxford University Press.

Livingstone, D. 1992.The geographical tradition : episodes in the history of a contested enterprise . London: Blackwell.

Nayak, A., and A. Jeffrey. 2011.Geographical thought : an introduction to ideas in human geography . Harlow: Prentice Hall.

There are a number of specialist geography dictionaries and other useful reference books. Among them are:

Gregory, Derek, et al., eds. 2009.The Dictionary of Human Geography . Chichester: Wiley.

A selection of geography ‘classics’ that are now out of copyright and freely available on the internet:

Chisholm, George. 1908.Handbook of Commercial Geography . Longmans, Green, and Co. Placed on web by U. of California and Google at:


Hartshorne, Richard. 1939. The Nature of Geography . Lancaster, Penn.: Association of American Geographers. Chapters 1, 2, 11, and 12 available at:


Isard, W. 1965. Location and space-economy : a general theory relating to industrial location, market areas, land use, trade, and urban structure. . Cambridge, Mass., and New York: MIT Press and Wiley. Placed on web by U. of Florida at:


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