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Module Reading List

Issues in Organ Transplantation Management, 2016/17
Michelle Clayton
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

HAKIM N S (1997) Introduction to Organ Transplantation. Imperial College Press: London.KUO, P.C., Schroeder, R.A., Johnson, L.B. (2001) Clinical Management of the Transplant Patient. London: Arnold

STAINES N, BROSTOFF J, JAMES K (1993) Introducing Immunology. Mosby: St Louis

TRZEPACZ P, DIMARTINI A (2000) The Transplant Patient Biological, psychiatric and ethical issues in organ transplantation. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge

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FRIEDMAN, L and KEEFE, E. (2004) Handbook of Liver Disease. 2nd edition. Chapter 31, Churchill Livingstone: EdinburghKILLENBERG, P.G., CLAVIAN, P-A. (1997) Medical care of the liver transplant patient. Blackwell Science: Malden, Mass.LAMB D (1990) Organ transplantation and ethics. Routledge: LondonMALE D (2004) Immunology An Illustrated Outline. 4th edition. Mosby: Edinburgh

OHLER L, CUPPLES S (2008) Core curriculum for transplant nurses. International Transplant Nurses Society. Mosby: St Louis

PALLIS C (1996) ABC of Brainstem death. BMJ Publications: LondonPRICE, D. (2000) Legal and ethical aspects of organ transplantation. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

SHERLOCK S, DOOLEY J (2002) Disease of the Liver and Biliary System. 11th edition. Chapter 35 Blackwell: Oxford.

THOMAS N (2002) Renal Nursing. 2nd edition. Bailliere Tindall: London

THOMAS N (2004) Advanced Renal Care. Blackwell: OxfordVEATCH R (2000) Transplantation Ethics. Georgetown University Press: Washington DC

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Other reading

CHERRY M J (2005) Kidney for Sale by Owner: Human Organs, Transplantation and the Market. Georgetown University Press: Washington DC

PICOULT J (2004) My Sister’s Keeper. Hodder: London

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