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Module Reading List

The Mind, 2016/17, Semester 2
Dr Aaron Meskin
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Readings: PHIL1005 The Mind

All readings are in a course packet available at Blackwell's bookshop

Week 1: Introduction: The Mind/Body Problem

Churchland, P. 1988. Excerpts from Dualism. In Matter and Consciousness . 2nd ed. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, pp. 7-10 and 18-21.

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Week 2: Is the mind physical? I: Materialism (The Identity Theory)

Churchland, P. 1988. Reductive Materialism (the Identity Theory). In Matter and Consciousness . 2nd ed. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 26-35.

Lewis, D. 1966. An argument for the identity theory. Journal of philosophy. 63: 17-25

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Week 3: Is the mind physical? II: Dualism Strikes Back

Gertler, B. 2007. In Defense of Mind-Body Dualism. In Feinberg, J. and Shafer-Landau, R. eds. Reason and Responsibility . 13th edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 303-315.

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Week 4: Can machines think? I: The Chinese Room

Searle, J. 1980. Minds, Brains, and Programs. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. . 3 : 417-24.

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Week 5: Can machines think? II: Escaping from the Chinese Room

Block, N. 1980. What intuitions about homunculi don’t show. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. . 3 : 425-6.

Fodor, J. 1980. Searle on What Only Brains Can Do. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 3 : 431-2.

Searle, J. 1980. Author’s Response. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. . 3 : 450-7.

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Week 6: Consciousness I: Subjective Experience

Nagel, T. 1974. What Is It Like To Be A Bat? Philosophical review. . 83 : 435–50.

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Week 7: Consciousness II: The Hard Problem

Chalmers, D. 1995/2002. The Puzzle of Conscious Experience. Scientific American. . 237 : 90-100.

Churchland, P. 1996. The Hornswoggle Problem. Journal of consciousness studies. . 3 : 402-8.

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Week 8: How big is the mind? I: The Extended Mind Hypothesis

Clark, A. and Chalmers, D. 1998. The Extended Mind. Analysis. . 58 : 7-19.

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Week 9: How big is the mind? II: Containing the Mind

Adams, F. and Aizawa, K. 2001. The bounds of cognition. Philosophical psychology. . 14 : 43-64.

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Week 10: Creativity 1: What is Creativity?

Boden, M. 2007. Creativity in a nutshell. Think : philosophy for everyone . 5: 83-96.

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Week 11 Creativity 2: Creativity and the Imagination

Gaut, B. 2003. Creativity and Imagination. In Gaut, B. and Livingston, P. eds. The creation of art : new essays in philosophical aesthetics . Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 148-173. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

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