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Indicative Bibliography for Theology, Religion and Gender

Contemporary Issues in Religion and Gender, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Caroline Starkey
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Week 1: Introduction – Dr Rachel Muers (RM)

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Week 2: Religion, Gender and Postcolonial Questions RM

This seminar focuses on the intersections between feminist critiques of religion and postcolonial movements and theories. We consider two critical accounts of the representation of non-Western women in feminist and nationalist reconfigurations of religion.


Further suggested reading:

· Useful overview of issues relevant to this seminar and the following one: Sara Salem, ‘Feminist critique and Islamic feminism: the question of intersectionality’, The Postcolonialist 1/1: http://postcolonialist.com/civil-discourse/feminist-critique-and-islamic-feminism-the-question-of-intersectionality/

· Sian Hawthorne, ‘Displacements: Religion, Gender and the Catechrestic Demands of Postcoloniality’, Religion and gender. 3/2 (2013)

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Week 3: Women, Religion, Empowerment and Agency RM

Prescribed reading:

· Chapter 1 ‘The Subject of Freedom’ in Mahmood, S (2005) Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject. Princeton University Press: Princeton and Oxford. (This is available in the library and also as an e-book from the library catalogue). If you have time, the final chapter of this book is also very informative.

· Bradley, T. 2009. Physical Religious Spaces in the Lives of Rajasthani Village Women: The ethnographic study and practice of religion in development. Journal of human development and capabilities.. 10, 1. 43-61.

Further reading

Mahmood’s work has provoked a great deal of comment and discussion. See the “further suggested reading” above.

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Week 4:Gender, religion and the implications of secularism (RM)

  • NiamhReilly (2011) ‘Rethinking the interplay of feminism and secularism in a neo-secular age’ Feminist review. 97(1): 5–31.
  • Shahra Razavi and Anne Jenichen (2010) ‘An Introduction. The Unhappy Marriage of Religion and Politics: Problems and Pitfalls for Gender Equality’ Third world quarterly. 31:6, 8333-850.

Further reading Useful discussion of UK equality legislation as it relates to religion and gender:

· Moira Dustin (2012) ‘Deference or Interrogation?: Contrasting Models for Reconciling Religion and Gender Equality’, Religion and gender. 2/1

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Week 5: Gender and the Re-interpretation of Traditions: Women Reading “Sacred Texts” RM


- Rachel Muers, Randi Rashkover and Ayesha S. Chaudhry, ‘Women Reading Texts on Marriage’, Feminist theology. 17/2 (2009)

o For additional material on approaches to the Qur’an texts discussed, see Ayesha S. Chaudhry, ‘ “I Wanted One Thing and God Wanted Another…”: The Dilemma of the Prophetic Example and the Qur’anic Injunction on Wife-Beating’, Journal of religious ethics. 39/3 (2011), pp. 416-439.

- Alice Bach, ‘Introduction’ in Alice Bach ed. Women in the Hebrew Bible : a reader (Routledge, 1999), pp. xiii-xxvi.

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Week 6: Men, Masculinities and Religion: Case study on African Pentecostalism

Studies of religion and gender have long focused on women. However, there is an emerging study of men, masculinities and religion. This seminar introduces some of the questions and debates in this body of scholarship. We look at some recent scholarship on men and masculinities in African contexts, particularly in Pentecostal Christianity. This will cause us to reflect on the methodological question how to analyse and evaluate religious discourses and politics on masculinity.


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Week 7: Gender, Religion and Public Policy: Case study on ‘Honour-Based’ Violence

Guest lecture by Ms Saima Afzal (see http://sasolutions.info/aboutus/saima-afzal)

Readings to be announced

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Week 8: Women, religion and reproductive rights – Professor Emma Tomalin

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Week 9: Women and Buddhism – Professor Emma Tomalin

Prescribed reading:

· Mueke, M.A. 1992: Mother Sold Food, Daughter Sells her Body – the Cultural Continuity of Prostitution’.Social science & medicine. 35, (7), 891-901.

· Peach, L. J. 2000: Human Rights, Religion and (Sexual) Slavery. Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 20, 65-87

· Tomalin, E. 2006. The Thai Bhikkhuni Movement and Women’s Empowerment. Gender and development.. 14, 3, 385-397.

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Week 10: Gender, Sexuality and the Re-interpretation of Traditions: Feminist and Queer Theology/ies RM

- Marcella Althaus-Reid, “On Wearing Skirts without Underwear: Poor Women Contesting Christ”, in From feminist theology to indecent theology : readings on poverty, sexual identity and God (London: SCM, 2004), pp. 83-94

- Linda Woodhead, "Sex and Secularisation", in Gerard Loughlin ed., Queer theology : rethinking the western body (Blackwell, 2007), pp. 230-245

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Other suggested reading

General – feminism, gender and religion

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Asian Religious Traditions

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‘New Spiritualities’

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Religious Fundamentalisms and Women

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Gender, Religion and Development

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