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Module Reading List and Resources

Religion, Society and Public Life, 2017/18, Semester 1
Dr Stefan Skrimshire
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Deane-Drummon, C. A primer in ecotheology ISBN: 9781498236997 (Cascade: 2017)

Nancy, Jean-Luc Une pensee finie ISBN: 2718603860 (Galilee,1991)   

Rolston III, H. Philosophy gone wild : environmental ethics ISBN: 0879755563 (pbk.); 0879753293 (hard) (Prometheus Books, 1989)

Modern Problem of ‘Religion in Public’

- Byrne, James M. _ Glory, jest and riddle : religious thought in the Enlightenment _ (London: SCM, 1996)

- Eisenach, E. _ Two worlds of liberalism : religion and politics in Hobbes, Locke, and Mill _ (University of Chicago, 1981)

- Giovanni, George di, Freedom and religion in Kant and his immediate successors : the vocation of humankind, 1774-1800 (Cambridge: CUP, 2005)

- Marshall, J. _ John Locke : resistance, religion and responsibility _ (Cambridge University Press, 1994)

- Stanton, T. "Locke and the politics and theology of toleration" _ Political studies. _ 54/1 (2006), pp. 84-102

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Theories of the Secular / Postsecular

- Asad, T. 2003. Formations of the secular : Christianity, Islam, modernity. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press. Esp. chapters 1 and 6.

- Asad, T. (1993) Genealogies of religion : discipline and reasons of power in Christianity and Islam. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

- Beckford, J. A. (2010) ‘The return of public religion? A critical assessment of a popular claim’, Nordic Journal of Religion and Society, 23 (2): 121–136. - Available online:

- Beckford, J. A. (2012) ‘SSSR Presidential Address Public Religions and the Postsecular: Critical Reflections’, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion., 51(1): 1-19.

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- Brown, W. ‘Idealism, Materialism, Secularism’ (2007) []

- Brown, W. 2012. 'Civilizational Delusions: Secularism, Tolerance, Equality' Theory and Event Volume 15, Issue 2, 2012

- Brown et al (eds). 2009. Is critique secular? : blasphemy, injury, and free speech ISBN: 9780823252381 (e-book) (Townsend Papers in the Humanities) (University of California Press).

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-- Casanova, J. (2006) 'Rethinking Secularization: A Global Comparative Perspective', The Hedgehog Review 8 (1-2): 7-22. - Available online: Chaves, M. 1994. Secularization as declining religious authority. Social forces.. 72(3), 749-774.

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Liberalism and its Critics
ISBN: 9780567032454 (pbk.); 9780567032447 (hbk.); 0567032442 (hbk.); 0567032450 (pbk.)

- Milbank, J. (1990) Theology and Social Theory. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

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- Song, R. (1997) Christianity and liberal society. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

- Ward, G. (2000) Cities of God : the religion of the Italian communes, 1125-1325 (Routledge)

- Žižek, S. (2000) ‘From Decalogue to Human Rights’, ‘The Principle of Charity’, and ‘Christ’s Uncoupling’, pp.107-129 of The fragile absolute : or, why is the Christian legacy worth fighting for?. London: Verso. [Available in the course readings folder of the VLE]

- Žižek, S. (2002) ‘From Homo Sacer to the Neighbour’, pp. 112-134 of Welcome to the desert of the real! : five essays on September 11 and related dates. London: Verso. [Available in the course readings folder of the VLE]

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Representing Religion

- Kahn-Harris, Keith, and Ben Gidley. Turbulent times : the British Jewish community today. (London: Continuum, 2010)

- K. Knott (2004), ‘The sense and nonsense of ‘community’: a consideration of contemporary debates about community and culture by a scholar of religion’, in S. Sutcliffe (ed), Religion : empirical studies : a collection to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Association for the Study of Religion, London : Ashgate, p. 67-90

- A. Dinham (2011), ‘What is a “faith community”’, The community development journal., Vol 46 No 4, pp. 526–541

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Muslim Societies

Burgat F. Face to face with political Islam ISBN: 1860642136 (pbk.) : £14.95; 1860642128. London: I. B. Tauris; 2003.

Eickelman DF, Piscatori JP. Muslim politics. Oxford; Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press; 2004.

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Hallaq WB. The impossible state : Islam, politics, and modernity's moral predicament ISBN: 9780231162562 (alk. paper); 2013.

Mandaville PG. Islam and politics ISBN: 9780415782562 (hardback); 9780415782579 (paperback); 9781315814773 (e-book). London: Routledge; 2014.

Roy O, Globalised Islam : the search for a new Ummah ISBN: 1850655987(pbk.) : £15.95; 1850655936. London: Hurst; 2004.

Sayyid BS. A Fundamental Fear: Eurocentrism and the emergence of Islamism. London: Zed; 2003.

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- Anderson, Allan, Michael Bergunder, Andre Droogers and Cornelis van der Laan (eds.). 2010. Studying global Pentecostalism : theories and methods (Berkeley: University of California Press).

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- Yong, Amos. 2012. In the days of Caesar : Pentecostalism and political theology (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publising).

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Interfaith Dialogue


- Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom:

- Interfaith Week:

- Parliament of World’s Religions:

Introductory background reading:

- Cohn-Sherbok, D. (Ed.). (2001). Interfaith theology : a reader. Oxford: Oneworld.

- Forward, M. (2001). Inter-religious dialogue : a short introduction. Oxford: Oneworld.

- Riddell, P. (2004). Christians and Muslims : pressures and potential in a post 9/11 world. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press.

Reports (available online):

DCLG (2007). 'Face-to-Face and Side-by-Side': A framework for inter faith dialogue and social action. London: HMSO. Available online:

IFNUK (2006) Challenge and opportunity: Changing Patterns of Interfaith engagement in the UK. London: IFNUK. Available online:

- Azumah, J (2002) The Integrity of Interfaith Dialogue. Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.. 13: 3, 269-280.

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