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5071 Module Reading List

The Context of Deaf Education, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Jackie Salter
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Module EDUC 5071 Reading List 2015/2016 Semester 2


Sessions 1 - 3 The wider context of deaf education

Frederickson, N. & Cline, T. 2015. Special educational needs, inclusion and diversity Maidenhead, OUP. Chapter 1 Special Educational Needs, inclusion and diversity: an integrated approach pp3-15

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Additional Reading

  Frederickson, N. & Cline, T. 2015. Special educational needs, inclusion and diversity Maidenhead, OUP

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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice: for 0 to 25 years

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/398815/SEND_Code _of_Practice_January_2015.pdf

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Session 9-11 Partnership working

Frederickson, N. & Cline, T. 2015. Special educational needs, inclusion and diversity, Maidenhead, OUP. Chapter 3 Stakeholders in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

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Additional Reading

Porter J., Georgeson J.,Daniels H.,Martin S., &  Feiler A., 2013 Reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils: what support do parents want for their child?, European Journal of Special Needs Education, 28:1, 1-18

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NDCS/University of Manchester (2011) Complex Needs, Complex Challenges A report on research into the experiences of families with deaf children with additional complex needs. Executive Summary pp. 3-9.

This PDF can be downloaded from the NDCS website: Complex needs, complex challenges report. March 2011 http://www.ndcs.org.uk/document.rm? id=5643

The summary research report can also be accessed in DEI:

McCracken, W., & Turner, O. (2012). Deaf Children with Complex Needs: Parental Experience of Access to Cochlear Implants and Ongoing Support. Deafness and education international., 14, 1, 22-35.

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