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Module Reading List 2015/16

Parasitology, 2017/18, Semester 1
Dr Glenn McConkey
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


There are several copies of useful parasitology books in the library that give useful background but are sometimes a little out of date on specific issues. I would advise you to look at these:

Parasitology and vector biology / William C. Marquardt, Richard S. Demaree, Robert B. Grieve.

Parasitology : the biology of animal parasites ER Noble & GA Noble

You can also search the WEB sites for information. A Google search will get quite a few interesting sites on specific parasites but here are a few to start with.

http://www.who.int/tdr/index.html World Health Organisation - a UN funded agency that acts centrally to gather information and advise on all causes of disease. Large site, very useful but quite difficult to find what you are looking for. http://www.who.int/ctd/ This site will take you to Tropical Diseases.

http://www.dpd.cdc.gov/dpdx/ - US government website built for general information but also to support diagnostic medicine for GPs excellent quality

http://www.ksu.edu/parasitology/625tutorials/index.html - Images of parasites.

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