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Module Reading List

Chinese Society, 2017/18
Dr Heather Zhang
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

EAST3140 Chinese Society Reading list:

Bian, Yanjie (1994) Work and inequality in urban China. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. [1 copy]

Bian, Yanjie, Logan, J.R. and Shu, Xiaoling (2000) ‘Wage and Job Inequalities in the Working Lives of Men and Women in Tianjin’ in Entwisle, B. and Henderson, G. E. (eds) Re-drawing boundaries : work, households, and gender in China. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

Bray, David (2006) ‘Building community: new strategies of governance in urban China’, Economy and society., 35(4):350-49.

Chu, Leonard (1994) ‘Continuity and Change in China’s media reform’, Journal of communication., 44(3):4-21.

Croll, E. (1983) Chinese women since Mao. London: Zed Books.

Croll, E. (2006) China's new consumers : social development and domestic demand London: Routledge.[1 copy]

Davin, D. (1976) Woman-Work: Women and the Party in Revolutionary China. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Entwisle, B. and Henderson, G. E. (eds) (2000)Re-drawing boundaries : work, households, and gender in China Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

Evans, Harriet (1997). Women and sexuality in China : dominant discourses of female sexuality and gender since 1949 London: Polity Press. [1 copy]

Friedman, S. L. (2000) ‘Spoken Pleasures and Dangerous Desires: Sexuality, Marriage, and the State in Rural Southeastern China’. East Asia: An International Quarterly 18(4):13-39. Available as an online course reading in Minerva

Gladney, Dru C. (2004) Dislocating China : reflections on Muslims, minorities, and other subaltern subjects. The University of Chicago Press. [3 copies]

Hanser, Amy (2008) Service encounters : class, gender, and the market for social distinction in urban China . Stanford University Press. [2 copies]

Honig, E. and Hershatter, G. (1988). Personal Voices: Chinese Women in the 1980s. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Chapter on work.

Jacka, T. (1990) ‘Back to the Wok: Women and Employment in Chinese Industry in the 1980s’. The Australian journal of Chinese affairs., no.24:1-23.

Jacka, T. (1997) Women's work in rural China : change and continuity in an era of reform. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Johnson, Kay Ann (1983) Women, the Family, and Peasant Revolution in China, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [2 copies]

Judd, E. R. (1994) Gender and power in rural North China. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Kaup, Katherine P. (2000) Creating the Zhuang : ethnic politics in China, Boulder, CO and London: Lynne Rienner. [1 copy]

Liu, Jieyu (2007) Gender and work in urban China : women workers of the unlucky generationLondon: Routledge.

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Potter, S. H. and Potter, J. M. (1990) China's peasants : the anthropology of a revolution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [2 copies]

Pun, Pgai (2005) Made in China : women factory workers in a global workplace. Duke University Press. [4 copies]

Rofel, Lisa 1999. Other Modernities: Gendered Yearnings in China after Socialism. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Tai, Zixue (2006) The Internet in China : cyberspace and civil society. Routledge [3 copies]

Tang, Wenfang and William L. Parish (2000) Chinese urban life under reform : the changing social contractCambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chapter 3: Life chances: education and jobs, pp. 51-78.  

Walder, Andrew G. (1986) Communist neo-traditionalism : work and authority in Chinese industry. Berkeley: University of California Press. [2 copies]

Wang, Yaping (2004) Urban poverty, housing, and social change in China. London: Routledge. (4 copies)

Yan Yunxiang (2003) Private life under socialism : love, intimacy, and family change in a Chinese village, 1949-1999 , Stanford University Press. [3 copies]

Yang, Guobin(2009) The power of the internet in China : citizen activism online. Columbia University Press. [1 copy]

Zhang Li (2001) Strangers in the city : reconfigurations of space, power, and social networks within China's floating population , Stanford University Press. [5 copies]

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