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COLO1070 Reading List

The Art and Science of Photography and Imaging, 2017/18, Semester 2
Mr A Kazlauciunas
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

COLO1070: Art & Science of Photography & Imaging

Photography : the new basics : principles, techniques & practice , G. Diprose & J. Robins, Thames & Hudson (2012)

Basic Photography , M Langford, A. Fox & R. Saw Smith, 10th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2015

Advanced Photography , M Langford, & E. Bilissi, 8th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2011

The manual of photography and digital imaging , Elizabeth Allen & Sophie Triantaphillidou, 10th Edition, London: Focal Press, 2011

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography , Editor in chief M. R. Peres, 4th Edition, London: Focal Press, 2007

Basic photographic materials and processes , L. Stroebel, J. Compton, I. Current & R. Zakia (Boston: Focal Press, 2000)

Handbook of imaging materials , Editors A.S. Diamond & D.S. Weiss, 2nd Edition, New York: Marcel Dekker, 2002

Mastering digital printing : the photographer's and artist's guide to high-quality digital output , Harald Johnson, Muska & Lipman, 2003

Digital imaging for photographers , A. Davies & P. Fennessy, 4th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2001

Printing with Adobe Photoshop CS4 , T. Daly, Oxford: Focal Press, 2009 

The digital negative : raw image processing in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop , Jeff Schewe, 2nd Edition, Pearson Education, 2015 

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