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Module Reading List

Population and Community Ecology, 2017/18, Semester 1
Prof Keith Hamer
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Ecology textbooks and useful book chapters

There are many general Ecology textbooks with good sections on Population and Community Ecology, as well as texts specifically on Population Ecology or Community Ecology. For the best of both worlds, the 4  th edition of Begon et al. (2006) is excellent and still reasonably well up-to-date.

Begon, M., Harper, J.L. & Townsend, C.R. (2006) Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems . 4 th Ed. Blackwell, Oxford.

Rockwood, L.L. (2006) Introduction to population ecology . Blackwell, Oxford

Krebs, C.J. (2009) Ecology . 6th Ed. Pearson, London

Morris, W.F. & Doag, D.F. (2002) Quantitative conservation biology : theory and practice of population viability analysis . Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.

Begon, M., Mortimer, M. & Thompson, D.J. (1996) Population Ecology: A Unified Study of Animals and Plants. 3 rd Ed., Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Morin, P. (1999) Community Ecology . Blackwell, Oxford

Hanski, I. (1999) Metapopulation Ecology. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Mills, L. Scott. (2012) Conservation of Wildlife Populations: Demography, Genetics, and Management , 2nd Edition, Wiley-Blackwell

May & McLean (2007) Theoretical ecology : principles and applications Oxford : Oxford University Press

Singer, F.D. (2015) Ecology in action. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Courchamp, F., Berek, L. & Gascoigne, J. (2008) Allee effects in ecology and conservation. Oxford: Oxford University Press




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General Techniques Books

These may be useful for laboratory classes (and ecological field courses and projects next year).  Sutherland's book is narrower in its approach (only census techniques), but has an entertaining chapter on "The twenty commonest censusing sins". They are all in the library.

Krebs, C.J. (1989) Ecological Methodology . Harper Collins, New York.

Sutherland, W.J. (1996) Ecological Census Techniques . Cambridge University Press.




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Books on Statistics

If you do not already have an introductory statistics book then you might want to buy one of the ones below. They're very readable (for statistics books!).


Dytham, C. (1999) Choosing and using statistics : a biologist's guide  Blackwell, Oxford.

Ennos, R. (2000) Statistical and Data Handling Skills in Biology . Prentice Hall, London.

Fowler, J. & Cohen, L. (1990) Practical Statistics for Field Biology . John Wiley, Chichester.




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Book purchase and availability

If you are able to buy only one book, I recommend the general Ecology textbook:

Begon, M., Harper, J.L. & Townsend, C.R. (2006) Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems . 4  th Ed. Blackwell, Oxford.

This provides comprehensive of the course contents and will also be very useful for other ecology and evolution courses.

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