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Module Reading List

Principles of Substance Misuse Interventions, 2017/18
Niall Scott
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Essential reading

WALLER, T. and RUMBALL D. (2004) Treating drinkers and drug users in the community Oxford: Blackwell

PETERSEN, T. and MCBRIDE,A. (2002) Working with substance misusers: a guide to theory and practice London: Routledge

Top of page

ORFORD, J. (1994) Empowering family & Friends: a new approach to the secondary prevention, Drug and Alcohol Review , 13 pp.417-429

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KHANTZIAN, E.J., & MACK, J.E. (1994) How AA Works and Why It's Important for Clinicians to Understand, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment , 11 (2) pp 77-92

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