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Module Reading List

Computers and Programming in Geosciences, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr Stephen Stackhouse
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Mark G. Sobell
A practical Guide to UNIX System V
Addison Wesley, 1995

There are also some good online resources on UNIX:


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Rudra Pratap
Getting started with MATLAB: a quick introduction for scientists and engineers
Oxford University Press 

Brian H. Hahn and Daniel T. Valentine
Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists (4th Edition)


This is an online textbook. It discusses some advanced topics not covered in this module, but is a good reference and includes exercises and solutions.

The official Matlab webpage:


provides some excellent resources. Matlab is a propriety package and, as such, has a large amount of official online documentation and help, including some really good video demos for beginners.

If you look up a Matlab command on the website, the information at the top of the page can sometimes be quite technical and hard to understand. It is often more informative to scroll down to the examples at the bottom.

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GIS basics

Gorr, W.L. & Kurland, K.S. (2008) GIS tutorial updated for ArcGIS 9.3 : workbook for ArcView 9. 3rd ed. Redlands, California, USA, ESRI Press.

Good basic step-by-step workbook for the latest version of ArcGIS. Note that tutorial files don't work in any earlier versions of Arc (including ArcGIS 9.2).

Heywood, I., Cornelius, S. & Carver, S. (2006) An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems. 3rd ed. Harlow, Essex, Pearson Prentice Hall.

A good general guide which isn't tied to one particular GIS application. Data for the exercises is available on the book's website and also questions to test your understanding.

Kennedy, K.H. (2009) Introduction to 3D data : modeling with ArcGIS 3D Analyst and Google Earth. Hoboken, N.J, Wiley.

Clear information on the use of ArcGIS and Google Earth for exploring data in 3d.

Kennedy, M. (2009) Introducing Geographic Information Systems with ArcGIS. 2nd ed. New Jersey, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

A detailed work book rather than a straightforward reference guide - intended to be a complete course. Useful if you want to get more involved in GIS.

Bonham-Carter, G. (1994) Geographic information systems for geoscientists : modelling with GIS. New York, Pergamon.

Uses geological examples. Shows in detail the process of planning a project as well as basic information about GIS. Probably too much detail but gives an impression of what is possible.

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Principles of cartography or How to draw a better map!

As well as the technical skills involved in creating a map you should have some awareness of the principles necessary to produce a map that communicates information to your viewers in the best way possible. The references below will give you some ideas to start you off.

Darkes, G. & Spence, M. (2008) Cartography : an introduction. London, The British Cartographic Society.

Short guide to basic principles. Available from the British Cartographic Society at http://www.cartography.org.uk/default.asp? contentID=637 [Accessed: 10/1/11]

Frye, C. (2001) Making Maps that Communicate. ArcUser, (October - December), pp.38-43.

Available on-line at http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/1001/files/bettermaps.pdf [Accessed: 10/1/11]


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ArcUser - http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/index.html

Freely accessible on-line magazine from ESRI with articles on how to use ArcGIS as well as examples.

Journal of Maps - http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showAxaArticles?journalCode=tjom20&

Freely accessible peer-reviewed journal, though it is necessary to register to use it. Maps in pdf format with articles about the production. Look here for examples of a variety of maps, including regular special issues containing maps produced by students.

Using GIS

Examples of how GIS can be used for geological applications can be found on the following web sites.

ArcNews Summer 2008 Issue - GIS for Earth Science and Engineering [Internet]. Available from: http://www.esri.com/news/arcnews/summer08articles/gis-for-earth-science.html [Accessed 28 August 2009].

GIS Application - Geology [Internet]. Available from: http://web.archive.org/web/20090718221544/http://www.gisdevelopment.net/application/geology/geomorphology/index.htm [Accessed 08 March 2017].

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