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Module Reading List

Advanced Concrete Design - MEng, 2017/18, Semester 2
Professor John Forth
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

BS EN 1992 (Concrete Eurocode), British Standards Institution. British Standards online [electronic resource]

Construction Industry Research and Information Association Reports directed by the lecturers (e.g. Early age thermal cracking in concrete)
The Construction Industry Research and Information Association is known as CIRIA. CIRIA reports are available full-text in the 'Construction information service' < http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b2002293~S4 >. Log in and view Construction Information Service, then search for: CIRIA and your keywords e.g. 'CIRIA early age thermal cracking' to read online.

Concrete Society Reports directed by the lecturers (e.g. Non-structural cracking in concrete)
Non-structural cracks in concrete : report of a Concrete Society working party. Concrete Society, 1986.

Practical Yield Line Design by G. Kennedy and C. Goodchild, Reinforced Concrete Council/British Cement Association, 2003, pp 175. (ISBN 0721015859) Available online: http://www.concretecentre.com/PDF/PYLD240603a.pdf
This publication is also available online in the 'Construction Information Service' < http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b2002293~S4 >. Follow the links to log in and search for 'Practical Yield Line Design'.

Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete (3rd Edition) by F.K. Kong and R.H. Evans, E. & F.N.Spon, 1990 (ISBN 978-0412377600).

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