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Module Reading List

'Parasites' and 'Cockroaches': Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the Modern World, 2017/18, Semester 1
Dr Lorna Waddington
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Anderson, Benedict, Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism.

Baker, James A. III, with Thomas M. DeFrank, The politics of diplomacy : revolution, war, and peace, 1989-1992

Becker, Ernest, The denial of death.

Brodsky, Joseph, Less than one : selected essays.

Carlton, Eric, War and ideology

Cohen, Stanley, States of denial : knowing about atrocities and suffering.

Crozier, Michel, The bureaucratic phenomenon.

Drew, Elizabeth, On the edge : the Clinton presidency.

Fishkin, James S., The limits of obligation.

Gamson, William A, Talking politics.

Gelb, Leslie, and Richard Betts, The irony of Vietnam : the system worked

Gellner, Ernest, Nations and nationalism.

Gilbert, Felix, To the Farewell address [electronic resource] : ideas of early American foreign policy

Haass, Richard, Intervention : the use of American military force in the post-Cold War world.

Halberstam, David, The best and the brightest

Halperin, Morton H., Bureaucratic politics and foreign policy

Hartz, Louis, The liberal tradition in America : an interpretation of American political thought since the Revolution

Hersh, Seymour M., The price of power : Kissinger in the Nixon White House.

Hirschman, Albert O., Exit, voice, and loyalty : responses to decline in firms, organizations, and states.

Hirschman, Albert O., The passions and the interests : political arguments for capitalism before its triumph.

Hobsbawm, Eric, Nations and nationalism since 1780 : programme, myth, reality.

Isaacson, Walter, Kissinger : a biography

Janello, Amy, and Brennon Jones, eds., A global affair : an inside look at the United Nations.

Johnson, Robert David, The peace progressives and American foreign relations

Korey, William, NGOs and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights : "a curious grapevine"

Krasner, Stephen, Sovereignty : organized hypocrisy

Lippmann, Walter, Public opinion

McDougall, Walter, Promised land, crusader state : the American encounter with the world since 1776

Moeller, Susan, Compassion fatigue : how the media sell disease, famine, war and death

Morgenthau, Hans J., and Kenneth W. Thompson, Politics among nations : the struggle for power and peace

Morris, Roger, Uncertain greatness : Henry Kissinger and American foreign policy

Naimark, Norman M., Fires of hatred : ethnic cleansing in twentieth-century Europe

Nicolson, Harold Peacemaking, 1919

Ratcliffe, James M., ed., The good Samaritan and the law. Anchor Books, 1966.

Roth, John K., & Maxwell, Elisabeth, ed., Remembering for the future : the Holocaust in an age of genocide, 3 vols.

Sobel, Richard, The impact of public opinion on U.S. foreign policy since Vietnam : constraining the colossus

Strobel, Warren P., Late-breaking foreign policy : the news media's influence on peace operations

Taylor, John, War photography : realism in the British press. Routledge, 1991.

Totten, Samuel; Parsons, William; & Charny, Israel, ed., Century of genocide : eyewitness accounts and critical views

Walzer, Michael, The company of critics : social criticism and political commitment in the twentieth century

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Ahmad, Feroz, The Young Turks : the Committee of Union and Progress in Turkish politics, 1908-1914..

Ambrosius, Lloyd E, Woodrow Wilson and the American diplomatic tradition : the treaty fight in perspective

Bloxham, Donald, The great game of genocide : imperialism, nationalism, and the destruction of the Ottoman Armenians

Dadrian, Vahakn N, The history of the Armenian genocide : ethnic conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus

Evans, Laurence, United States policy and the partition of Turkey, 1914-1924.

First World War / Martin Gilbert.

Horne, John, and Alan Kramer, German atrocities, 1914 : a history of denial

Keegan, John, The First World War

Lewis, Bernard, The emergence of modern Turkey.

Miller, Donald E., and Lorna Touryan Miller, Survivors : an oral history of the Armenian genocide.

Shaw, Stanford J., and Ezel Rural Shaw, History of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey vol. 2. Cambridge University Press, 1977.

Toynbee, Arnold, Armenian atrocities : the murder of a nation. Hodder & Stoughton, 1915.


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Becker, Elizabeth, When the war was over : Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge revolution.

Bilton, Michael, and Kevin Sim, Four hours in My Lai : a war crime and its aftermath

Chandler, David P., Voices from S-21 : terror and history in Pol Pot's secret prison.

Chandler, David P., Brother number one : a political biography of Pol Pot

Haas, Michael, Genocide by proxy : Cambodian pawn on a superpower chessboard

Hinton, Alexander L., Why did they kill? : Cambodia in the shadow of genocide

How Pol Pot came to power : colonialism, nationalism, and communism in Cambodia, 1930-1975 / Ben Kiernan.

Kiernan, Ben, The Pol Pot regime : race, power, and genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79

Kiernan, Ben, ed., Genocide and democracy in Cambodia : the Khmer Rouge, the United Nations and the international community

Lunn, Richard, Leaving year zero : stories of surviving Pol Pot's Cambodia

McNamara, Robert S., with Brian Van DeMark, In retrospect : the tragedy and lessons of Vietnam

Metzl, Jamie Frederic, Western responses to human rights abuses in Cambodia, 1975-80

Shawcross, William,The quality of mercy : Cambodia, holocaust and modern conscience

Shawcross, William, Sideshow : Kissinger, Nixon and the destruction of Cambodia

Vann Nath, A Cambodian prison portrait : one year in the Khmer Rouge's S-21


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Arendt, Hannah, The origins of totalitarianism

Chang, Iris, The rape of Nanking : the forgotten holocaust of World War II

Conquest, Robert, The harvest of sorrow : Soviet collectivisation and the terror-famine

Hochschild, Adam, King Leopold's ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa

Horowitz, Irving Louis, Taking lives : genocide and state power

Lemarchand, René, Burundi : ethnocide as discourse and practice

Lifschultz, Lawrence, Bangladesh : the unfinished revolution

Nekrich, Aleksandr M., The punished peoples : the deportation and fate of Soviet minorities at the end of the Second World War

Packenham, Thomas, The scramble for Africa, 1876-1912

Rabe, John, The good German of Nanking : the diaries of John Rabe

Taylor, John G., East Timor : the price of freedom

Todorov, Tzvetan, The conquest of America : the question of the other

Todorov, Tzvetan, Facing the extreme : moral life in the concentration camps

Totten, Samuel, William S. Parsons, and Israel W. Charny, eds., Century of genocide : eyewitness accounts and critical views


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Arendt, Hannah, Eichmann in Jerusalem : a report on the banality of evil

Berenbaum, Michael, The world must know : the history of the Holocaust as told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bierman, John, Righteous gentile : the story of Raoul Wallenberg, missing hero of the Holocaust

Boelcke, W. A. (ed), The secret conferences of Dr. Goebbels : the Nazi propaganda war, 1939-43

Breitman, Richard, Official secrets : what the Nazis planned, what the British and Americans knew.

Breitman, Richard, and Alan M. Kraut, American refugee policy and European Jewry, 1933-1945

Browning, Christopher R, Ordinary men : Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the final solution in Poland

Clendinnen, Inga, Reading the Holocaust

Cole, Tim, Selling the Holocaust : from Auschwitz to Schindler : how history is bought, packaged, and sold

Delbo, Charlotte, Auschwitz and after

Favez, Jean-Claude, The Red Cross and the Holocaust

Fogelman, Eva, Conscience & courage : rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust

Frank, Anne, Anne Frank's diary. Trans. B.M. Mooyart.

Friedlander, Saul, ed., Probing the limits of representation : Nazism and the "Final Solution".

Gilbert, Martin, Auschwitz and the Allies

Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah, Hitler's willing executioners : ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

Gross, Jan T., Neighbours : the destruction of the Jewish community in Jedwabne, Poland

Hilberg, Raul, The destruction of the European Jews

Horowitz, Gordon J., In the shadow of death : living outside the gates of Mauthausen

Insdorf, Annette, Indelible shadows : film and the Holocaust

Katz, Steven T., The Holocaust in historical context Vol. 1: The Holocaust and Mass Death Before the Modern Age.

Langer, Lawrence L., Admitting the Holocaust : collected essays

Laqueur, Walter, and Richard Breitman, Breaking the silence : the secret mission of Eduard Schulte, who brought the world news of the Final Solution

Lemkin, Raphael, Axis rule in occupied Europe : laws of occupation, analysis of government, proposals for redress. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of International Law, 1944. (tutor copy)

Levi, Primo, The drowned and the saved. Summit Books, 1986.

Lifton, Robert Jay, The Nazi doctors : medical killing and the psychology of genocide.

Linenthal, Edward T., Preserving memory : the struggle to create America's Holocaust Museum.

Lipstadt, Deborah E., Beyond belief : the American press and the coming of the Holocaust. Free Press, 1986.

Lipstadt, Deborah E., Denying the holocaust : the growing assault on truth and memory

Marrus, Michael R, The Holocaust in history

Mazower, Mark, Dark continent : Europe's twentieth century

Mueller, Ingo, Hitler's justice : the courts of the Third Reich Trans. Deborah Schneider.

Novick, Peter, The Holocaust in American life

O'Neill, William L., A democracy at war : America's fight at home and abroad in World War II

Shandler, Jeffrey, While America watches : televising the Holocaust

Steiner, George, Language and silence : essays on language, literature, and the inhuman

Wyman, David S., The abandonment of the Jews : America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945

Zelizer, Barbie, Remembering to forget : Holocaust memory through the camera's eye


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Ball, Howard, Prosecuting war crimes and genocide : the twentieth-century experience

Bass, Gary Jonathan, Stay the hand of vengeance : the politics of war crimes tribunals,

Bassiouni, M. Cherif, Crimes against humanity in international criminal law

Cassese, Antonio, Violence and law in the modern age

Fuller, Lon L., The morality of law

Goldstone, Richard J., For humanity : reflections of a war crimes investigator

Hart, Herbert Lionel Adolphus, The concept of law.

Minow, Martha, Between vengeance and forgiveness : facing history after genocide and mass violence

Morris, Virginia, and Michael P. Scharf, An insider's guide to the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia : a documentary history and analysis

Morris, Virginia, and Michael P. Scharf, An insider's guide to the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia : a documentary history and analysis

Osiel, Mark, Mass atrocity, collective memory, and the law.

Scharf, Michael P., Balkan justice : the story behind the first international war crimes trial since Nuremberg

Sewall, Sarah, and Carl Kaysen, eds., The United States and the International Criminal Court : national security and international law

Taylor, Telford, The anatomy of the Nuremberg trials : a personal memoir

Teitel, Ruti G., Transitional justice

West, Rebecca, A train of powder


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Kuper, Leo, International action against genocide

LeBor, Adam, Complicity with evil : the United Nations in the age of modern genocide

Power, Samantha, A problem from hell : America and the age of genocide


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Adelman, Howard, and Astri Suhrke, eds., The path of a genocide : the Rwanda crisis from Uganda to Zaire

Rwanda : death, despair, and defiance, ed. African Rights.

Barnett, Michael, Eyewitness to a genocide : the United Nations and Rwanda

Bayart, J. F., The state in Africa : the politics of the belly (1993), ch. 1

Berman, B., 'Ethnicity, patronage and the African state', African affairs. 97, (1998) 305-41.

Des Forges, Alison, "Leave none to tell the story" : genocide in Rwanda

Destexhe, Alain, Rwanda and genocide in the twentieth century

Feil, Scott R., Preventing genocide : how the early use of force might have succeeded in Rwanda

Gourevitch, Philip, We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families : stories from Rwanda

Hopkins A. G., (ed), Globalization in world history (2002), ch by Lonsdale

Human Rights Watch, Shattered lives : sexual violence during the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath Human Rights Watch, 1996.

Keane, Fergal, Season of blood : a Rwandan journey (tutor copy)

Klinghoffer, Arthur Jay, The international dimension of genocide in Rwanda.

Kuperman, Alan J., The limits of humanitarian intervention : genocide in Rwanda

Lemarchand, René, Rwanda and Burundi.

Mamdani, Mahmood, When victims become killers : colonialism, nativism & the genocide in Rwanda

Melvern, Linda, A people betrayed : the role of the west in Rwanda's genocide

Moore, Jonathan, ed., Hard choices : moral dilemmas in humanitarian intervention

Prunier, G., The Rwanda crisis : history of a genocide (2nd edtn 1997), esp. ch. 1.

Segal, Aaron, Massacre in Rwanda

Spear, T., 'Neo-traditionalism & limits of invention in Brit colonial Africa', The journal of African history. 44 1 (2003), 3-28

Uvin. P., ‘Prejudice, crisis, and genocide in Rwanda’, African Studies Review, 40, 2 (1997) 91–115

Uvin, Peter, Aiding violence : the development enterprise in Rwanda.


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Flint, Julie, & de Waal, Axel, Darfur : a short history of a long war

Rone, Jemera, Civilian devastation : abuses by all parties in the war in southern Sudan.


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Applebaum, Anne, Gulag : a history of the Soviet camps

Conquest, Robert, The Great Terror : a reassessment

Conquest, Robert, The harvest of sorrow : Soviet collectivisation and the terror-famine

Courtois, Stephane, ed., The black book of communism : crimes, terror, repression


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Banac, Ivo, The national question in Yugoslavia : origins, history, politics. Cornell University Press, 1984.

Bieber, Florien; Daskalovski, Zhidas (eds), Understanding the war in Kosovo

Buckley, William Joseph, ed., Kosovo : contending voices on Balkan interventions

Clark, Wesley K., Waging modern war : Bosnia, Kosovo, and the future of combat

Cohen, Leonard J., Broken bonds : Yugoslavia's disintegration and Balkan politics in transition

Daalder, Ivo H., Getting to Dayton : the making of America's Bosnia policy

Daalder, Ivo, and Michael O'Hanlon, Winning ugly : NATO's war to save Kosovo.

Glenny, Misha, The fall of Yugoslavia : the third Balkan war

Halberstam, David, War in a time of peace : Bush, Clinton and the generals

Hall, Brian, The impossible country : a journey through the last days of Yugoslavia

Helsinki Watch, War crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Vols. 1-2. Human Rights Watch, 1992-1993.

Honig, Jan Willem, and Norbert Both, Srebrenica : record of a war crime

Human Rights Watch, Bosnia-Hercegovina : the fall of Srebrenica and the failure of U.N. peacekeeping.

Ignatieff, Michael, Blood and belonging : journeys into the new nationalism

Ignatieff, Michael, The warrior's honor : ethnic war and the modern conscience

Independent International Commission on Kosovo, Kosovo report : conflict, international response, lessons learned,

Judah, Tim, Kosovo : war and revenge

Judah, Tim, The Serbs : history, myth, and the destruction of Yugoslavia

Malcolm, Noel, Bosnia : a short history

Rohde, David, Endgame : the betrayal and fall of Srebrenica, Europe's worst massacre since World War II

Totten, Samuel; Parsons, William; & Charny, Israel, ed., Century of genocide : eyewitness accounts and critical views

Silber, Laura and Little, Allan, The death of Yugoslavia

Vulliamy, Ed, Seasons in hell : understanding Bosnia's war

West, Rebecca, Black lamb and grey falcon : the record of a journey through Yugoslavia in 1937

Zimmermann, Warren, Origins of a catastrophe : Yugoslavia and its destroyers


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