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Module Reading List

Economics and Management, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Emma Gritt
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Economics Lecturer Anindita Chakrabarti

John Sloman and Elizabeth Jones, (2014) Essential economics for business. ISBN: 9781292000800 (pbk.) : £43.99; 9781292000886 (PDF); 9781292000831 (eText)., London: Pearson

Michael Parkin, Melanie Powell and Kent Mathews (2014) Economics, Ninth Edition, Harlow: Pearson 

Paul Cashian, 2007, Economics, strategy and the firm, China, Palgrave Macmillan

N.Gregory Mankiw, Mark P. Taylor and Andrew Ashwin (2016), Business economics, Second Edition, UK: Cengage Learning

Management Lecturers Emma Gritt & Alistair Norman

Daft, R.L. (2014). Management (12th edition). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. 

Understanding organisations : selected topics for engineering and science students (editors: Thorpe, Pandza, Norman, Knight). (2004) Pearson.

David Buchanan and Andrzej Huczynski (2004) Organizational behaviour - an introductory text - FT Prentice Hall.   

Alvesson, M. (2002) Understanding organizational culture ­- Sage

Kotter, J. (1995) Leading Change - Why Transformation Efforts Fail, Harvard business review. , Vol.73, No.2, pp.59-67

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