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Module Reading List

Patients and their Illness, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Catie Nagel
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue
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Core texts

GREENHALGH, T. 2007. Primary health care : theory and practice . Wiley Blackwell

NETTLETON, S. 2013. The sociology of health and illness .3rd edition. Cambridge : Polity

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Of interest

ALLAN, G. (ed). 1999. The sociology of the family : a reader . Oxford : Blackwell

ANNANDALE, E. 1998. The sociology of health and medicine : a critical introduction . Cambridge : Polity Press

ASEN, E TOMSON, D YOUNG V TOMSON P (2004) in Ten minutes for the family : systemic interventions in primary care Routledge. Chapter 7 'Family Transitions' Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

DAVEY SMITH, G., D. DORLING and M. SHAW. 2001. Poverty, inequality and health in Britain, 1800-2000 : a reader . Bristol : Policy Press

FREIDSON, E. 1970. Profession of medicine . New York ; London : Harper & Row

FREIDSON, E. 1994. Professionalism reborn : theory, prophecy, and policy . Cambridge : Polity Press

GRAHAM, H. (ed). 2001. Understanding health inequalities . Buckingham ; New York : Open University Press

HELMAN,C 2007. Culture, health and illness . 5th Edition; Boca Raton: CRC Press

RADLEY, A. 1994. Making sense of illness . London : Sage

RADLEY, A. (ed). 1995. Worlds of illness : biographical and cultural perspectives on health and disease . London ; New York : Routledge

SINGH, SIMON and ERNST, E 2008. Trick or treatment? : alternative medicine on trial . London: Random House

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RADLEY, ALAN, (1994) Chapter 6: Illness and gender: studying women's health . FROM: Radley, Alan, Making sense of illness : the social psychology of health and disease . pp.108-135. London: Sage . Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

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