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Module Reading List 2016/17

Health Systems Development for Primary Health Care, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Ricky Kalliecharan
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You will need to read outside the sessions in order to explore particular issues in more depth. The module reading list is provided below. This includes general resources that provide material on health systems development, as well as some more specific resources on particular functions of the health system. You are not required to read all of these, rather the list is provided as guidance for you to choose resources depending on your interests. Additional resources may be suggested in individual sessions. In some cases you may be given preparatory reading for sessions.

Essential Reading:

De Savigny D, & Adam T (2009) Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening, World Health Organiation, Geneva.


Becerra-Posada, F; et al. (2014) National research for health systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: moving towards the right direction? Health research policy and systems [electronic resource]. , 12:13

Dean T. Jamison, J. G. Breman, A.R. Measham, G. Alleyne, M. Claeson, D. B. Evans, P. Jha, A. Mills, P. Musgrove, "Pillars of the Health System." 2006. Priorities in health ,ed. , 155-178. New York: Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1596/978-0-8213-6260-0/Chpt-7.

Kringos D.S.; WGW Boerma, A Hutchinson; J. van der Zee; P.P. Groenewegen (2010) The breadth of primary care: a systematic literature review of its core dimensions, BMC Health Services Research [electronic resource]. 10 :6 pp; 10-65

Swanson C. R. et. al. (2012) Rethinking health systems strengthening: key systems thinking tools and strategies for transformational change, Health policy and planning. , Volume 27, iv 54- iv 61.

WHO (2007) Everybody’s Business Strengthening Health Systems to Improve Health Outcomes - WHO’S Framework for Action, World Health Organisation; Geneva. http://www.who.int/healthsystems/strategy/everybodys_business.pdf

Suggested reading:

Arah A. et.al. (2003) Conceptual framework for health systems performance: a quest for effectiveness, quality and improvement . International journal for quality in health care. 15(5): 377-398.

Berman p, & Bitran R (2011) Health Systems Analysis for Better Health Systems Strengthening. World Bank – HND Discussion paper. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/472131468331150352/Health-systems-analysis-for-better-health-system-strengthening

Kapiri L, Norheim O F and Heggenhougen K (2003) Public participation in health planning and priority setting at the district level in Uganda , Health policy and planning. , 18 (2): 205-213

Labrique A.B et al. (2013) mHealth innovations as health system strengthening tools: 12 common applications and a visual framework Global health : science and practice ISSN: 2169-575X 1(2):160-171.

Lawn, JE; Rohde, J; Rifkin, S, et al. (2008) Alma-Ata: Rebirth and revision 1 - Alma-Ata 30 years on: revolutionary, relevant, and time to revitalise, Lancet. 372 (9642): 917-927.

Leischow S. et al. (2008) Systems Thinking to Improve Public’s Health, American journal of preventive medicine. Volume 35, S196-S203.

Peckham S, Exworthy M, Powell M et al (2005) Decentralisation as an organisational model for health care , SDO

Samb, B; Evans, T; Dybul, M, et al. (2009) An assessment of interactions between global health initiatives and country health systems, Lancet. 373 ( 9681): 2137-2169

Papanicolas I and Smith P, (ed) (2013) Health system performance comparison : an agenda for policy, information and research Open University Press, Maidenhead.

Taghreed A, Ahmad S, Bigdeli M, Ghaffar A, Rottingen J (2011) Trends in health policy and systems research over the past decade:Still too little capacity in Low-income countries, PLoS ONE Vol 6, Issue 11 pp e27263. (Freely available online)

UNICEF (2016) UNICEF Approach to Health Systems Strengthening Health Section Programme Division New York. https://www.unicef.org/videoaudio/PDFs/UNICEF_HSS_Approach_-_22Apr16.pdf

Varatharajan D, Thakappan R and Jayapalan S (2004) Assessing the performance of primary health centres under decentralised government in Kerala, India , Health policy and planning. , 19(1): 41-51

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WHO (2008) The world health report 2008 : primary health care : now more than ever , World Health Organisation, Geneva.

World Bank (2017) Governance and the Law – World Development Report – 2017, World Bank, Washington http://www.worldbank.org/en/publication/wdr2017

van Olmen J et. al (2012) Analysing Health Systems Dynamics: A framework , Studies in Health Organization & Policy, 28, 2nd edition. http://www.researchgate.net/publication/264743664_Analysing_health_systems_dynamics._A_framework


Health Research Policy and Systems (online Journal) - published by Bio Med Central:


WHO page on Health Systems:


CHEPSAA – a resource for building the field in Health Policy and Health Systems research:


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