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Module Reading List

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Eleonore Faber
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Miles Reid - Undergraduate algebraic geometry , LMS Student Texts 12, CUP, 1988.

Miles Reid - Undergraduate commutative algebra , LMS Student Texts 29, CUP, 1995.

Rodney Sharp - Steps in commutative algebra 2nd Ed, LMS Student Texts 51, CUP, 2000.

Robin Hartshorne - Algebraic Geometry , Springer Verlag, 1997. (First chapter only) Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

M.F. Atiyah and I.G. MacDonald - Introduction to commutative algebra , Westview Press, 1994

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