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Module Reading List

Teaching the Primary Care Consultation, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Jane Kirby
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Texts

Kurtz S et al (2005) Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine 2nd ed. Abingdon: Radcliffe

Mehay, R. et al (2012) The essential handbook for GP training and education. London: Radcliffe. 

Moulton, L. (2016) The Naked Consultation. 2nd ed. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

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Overview reading

Spencer, J and Silverman, J (2001) Education for communication: much already known, so much more to understand. Medical education 2001 (35) 188-190

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Von Fragstein et al (2008) UK consensus statement on the content of communication curricula in undergraduate medical education. Medical education 2008 (42) 1100-1107

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nMRCGP curriculum available from:


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Transferring to clinical practice

Heaven, C., C. Clegg, et al. (2006) Transfer of communication skills training from workshop to workplace: the impact of clinical supervision. Patient education and counseling. 60 : 313-325.

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Further reading

Heritage J and Maynard D (eds) (2005) Communication in medical care : interaction between primary care physicians and patients . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press

Moulton L The naked consultation : a practical guide to primary care consultation skills . Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing; 2007. 2nd ed. CRC Press: Boca Raton; 2016

Pinder et al (2006) Talking about my patient : the Balint approach in GP education . RCGP occasional paper.
(Available to purchase from RCGP website).

Skelton J (2008) Role play and clinical communication : learning the game . Oxford: Radcliffe Chapter 1 available as an Online course reading in the VLE.

Skelton J (2008) Language and clinical communication : this bright Babylon . Oxford: Radcliffe Chapter 1 available as an Online course reading in the VLE.


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