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Module Reading List

Principles of Transport Engineering, 2017/18, Semester 1
Charisma Choudhury
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Note: ***strongly recommended for purchase/reading **recommended for purchase/reading *recommended reading

* ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management ( ) Available online via Library website.

* DfT/HADesign Manual for Roads and Bridges(DMRB) Chapters 4-8 & 11. Available online

* IHT/DoT. Transport in the Urban Environment , IHT, 1997. Available online (on Construction Information Service database) via Library website.

* Institution of Civil Engineers Urban Railways and the Civil Engineer , London, Thomas Telford, 1987.

** Mannering, F.L.; Kilareski, W.P. and Washburn S.S. (2005). Principles of highway engineering and traffic analysis , 3rd Edition, Wiley. ISBN 0471661562

Pearson, Derek (2011) Deterioration and Maintenance of Pavements.

* Profillidis (2006), Railway management and engineering , 3rd Edition. Ashgate

** Slinn, M., Matthews, P. and Guest, P., Traffic Engineering Design Principles and Practice , Arnold, 1998.

* SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, Netherlands (2006) Advancing Sustainable Safety. Available online at

** TCRP (2003) Report 100: Transit capacity and quality of service manual , 2nd Edition. TRB, Washington.
Available online: keyword=r-100 - students need to register with TCRP for free

*Uren, J. & Price, W. F. Surveying for Engineers , London, MacMillan, 1985

*** Vuchic (2007), Urban transit systems and technology . Wiley

** Wright, P.H. & Dixon K.K, (2004). Highway Engineering , 7th Edition. Wiley. ISBN 0471452580

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