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Module Reading List

Research, Evaluation and Special Studies 1, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr Sandra Bell
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading research papers

Greenhalgh T (2010). How to read a paper: the basics of evidence based medicine , 4th edition, Blackwell BMJ Books, Malden, Mass

Bowers D, House A, Owens D. Understanding clinical papers . London: Wiley, 2006. [recommended]

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Sources and information gathering

Sources of information online tutorial http://library.leeds.ac.uk/tutorials/activities/finding-eval/sources/

Sources available from the University Library http://library.leeds.ac.uk/medicine#tab1_resources

Starter guide to searching for journal articles http://library.leeds.ac.uk/downloads/file/92/ovidsp_databases_quick_start_guide

More indepth guide to searching for journal articles http://library.leeds.ac.uk/downloads/file/90/ovidsp_databases_intermediate_workbook

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Evaluating information

Evaluating information online tutorial http://library.leeds.ac.uk/tutorials/evaluating/

Critical writing advice from Skills@Library http://library.leeds.ac.uk/skills-critical-thinking



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