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Module Reading List 1718

Work Discussion, 2017/18, Semester B24
Michelle Littlewood
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Ernst, S. (1989) Gender and the Phantasy of Omnipotence: Case Study of an Organisation. IN: B.Richards , Crises of the self : further essays on psychoanalysis and politics, London: Free Association Books. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Hinshelwood, R. D. (2002) Applying the observational method: observing organizations, in A. Briggs (ed) Surviving space : papers on infant observation : essays on the centenary of Esther Bick ISBN: 1855752921, Karnac, London. 

Jacques, E. (1955) Social Systems as a Defence Against Persecutory and Depressive Anxiety, IN: Klein, M., Heimann, P., & Money-Kryle, R. E., (eds) New directions in psychoanalysis : the significance of infant conflict in the pattern of adult behaviour,London: Maresfield.

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Obhozler, A., & Roberts, V. Z. (1994) The unconscious at work : individual and organizational stress in the human services.  Routledge.

Rustin, M., & Bradley, J. (2008) Work discussion : learning from reflective practice in work with children and families. Karnac Books.

Salzberger-Wittenberg, I. (1983) The emotional experience of learning and teaching. London, Routledge.

Stein, H. (1986) The Bomb Drops in One and a Half Hours: A medical case conference as pedagogical ritual and the compulsion to repeat. The Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology,9 (1) 55-66.

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Youell, B. (2006) The learning relationship : psychoanalytic thinking in education. Karnac Books.

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