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ARAB 1100 Reading List

Introduction to Islamic Theology, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Tajul Islam
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

W. Montgomery Watt, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2004

W. Montgomery Watt, Islamic creeds : a selection Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2007

W. Montgomery Watt, Free will and predestination in early Islam, London: Luzac, 1948

Tim Winter (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008

Fazlur Rahman,Islam (2nd ed), Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1979

Sachiko Murata and William C. Chittick, The vision of Islam, London: I B Tauris, 2006

Ian Richard Netton, Allãh transcendent: studies in the structure and semiotics of Islamic philosophy, theology and cosmology, Richmond: Curzon Press, 1994

Josef Van Ess, The flowering of Muslim theology(trans. Jane Marie Todd), Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2006

Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni, A guide to the conclusive proofs for the principles of belief = Kitb al-irshd il qawmi' al-adilla + uckl al-i'tiqd, (trans. P. E. Walker), Reading: Garnett Publishing, 2000

Syed M. N. al-Attas, Prolegomena to the metaphysics of Islm : an exposition of the fundamental elements of the worldview of Islm, Kuala Lumpur: ISTAC, 1995

Majid Fakhry, A History of Islamic Philosophy, New York: Columbia University Press, 1983

Majid Fakhry, Philosophy, dogma, and the impact of Greek thought in Islam, Altershot, Hampshire: Varorium, 1994

Majid Fakhry,Islamic philosophy, theology and mysticism : a short introduction, Oxford: Oneworld, 2000

A.J. Wensinck, The Muslim Creed: its Genesis and Historical Development, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1932

Richard C. Martin and Mark R. Woodward, with Dwi S. Atmaja,Defenders of reason in Islam : Mu'tazilism from Medieval school to modern symbol, Oxford: Oneworld, 1997

Wilferd Madelung, Religious schools and sects in medieval Islam, London: Variorum Reprints, 1985

Mark J. Sedgwick, Sufism: The Essentials, Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2000

A commentary on the creed of Islam [electronic resource]: Sacd al-Dīn al-Tāftāzānī on the creed of Najm al-Dīn al-Nasafī; translated with introduction and notes by Earl Edgar Elder; published New York : Columbia University Press, 1950 [Online Humanities E-book]

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