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Module Reading List

The Diversity of Life, 2017/18, Semester 1
Professor J Paul Knox
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

BLGY 1124 The Diversity of Life

The following book represents the main reading for this module. In some lectures you will be directed to the individual sections that you should read, and on which you may be assessed.

Campbell Biology. by Jane B. Reece et al. Pearson; 9th edition, Global Edition (2011) ISBN-10: 0805368442

We also recommend that you read 

The Diversity of Life by Edward O Wilson. Penguin Press Science. Revised Edition (2001) ISBN-10: 0321739752

Another paperback book that provides an overview of some of the major steps in evolution is 

Life ascending : the ten great inventions of evolution by Nick Lane. Profile Books. Paperback edition 2010. ISBN 978 86197818 9

More Advance texts

Integrated Principles of Zoology by Cleveland P Hickman , Susan L. Keen , Allan Larson , David J Eisenhour McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 14th edition (2007) ISBN-10: 0071287973

Plant Physiology by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger (4th Edition) 2006. Sinauer Associates. ISBN. 9780878938568

Ecology : from individuals to ecosystems by Michael Begon , Colin A. Townsend , John L. Harper. WileyBlackwell; 4th Edition (2005), ISBN-10: 1405111178

The  three books above are more advanced texts that you will also use in the second and third years of your course. You should have copies of some or all of these: for instance, if you are a zoology student you should have, and use, Hickman, while ecologists will make extensive use of Begon. The lecturers will be expecting you to read parts of all three of these books during the module. 

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