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Module Reading List 2016-17

Topics in Epistemology: Knowledge and Justification, 2017/18, Semester 1
Dr Lea Salje
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

All of the required readings (listed below) are available in a coursepack, available from Blackwells. Most of the required readings are available online, so if you don't mind reading on a screen, you can get those ones for free (although you'll have to get a hold of and copy the ones that aren't available online).

Readings should be attempted in advance of the lectures for which they are assigned. There is one reading set per week, though it may differ whether this is for the Tuesday lecture or the Wednesday lecture, so make sure you check in advance. There are no additional assigned readings for the tutorials; we will continue to explore the issues raised in the readings assigned for the lectures in greater depth.

If you're having trouble with the readings, and the lectures and tutorials aren't helping much, you might want to have a look at Duncan Pritchard's What is this thing called knowledge? [electronic resource] (2nd edition, 2010, Routledge). It's an accessible introductory text that covers pretty much all the topics we'll be covering (and then some!).

Reading list:

Edmund Gettier, ‘Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? ’ Analysis.  23 (6):121-123 (1963)

Robert Nozick, Philosophical explanations Harvard University Press (1981) [pp. 167-178]

David Lewis, ‘Elusive Knoweldge’ Australasian journal of philosophy. 74 (4):549 – 567 (1996) - http://fitelson.org/epistemology/lewis.pdf

Ernest Sosa, ‘The Raft and the Pyramid’ Midwest studies in philosophy.  5 (1):3-26 (1980)

Laurence Bonjour, ‘Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge’  Midwest studies in philosophy.  5 (1):53-73 (1980)

Heather Logue, ‘Why Naïve Realism? ’ Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.  112 (2pt2):211-237 (2012)

Elizabeth Fricker, ‘Against Gullibility’ In A. Chakrabarti & B. K. Matilal (eds.), Knowing from words : Western and Indian philosophical analysis of understanding and testimony . Kluwer (1994)

Miranda Fricker, ‘Rational Authority and Social Power’ Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.  98 (2):159–177 (1998)

Linda Zagzebski, Virtues of the mind : an inquiry into the nature of virtue and the ethical foundations of knowledge Cambridge University Press (1996) [pp. 165-184]

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