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Module Reading List

Atmospheric Pollution from Local to Global Scales, 2017/18, Semester 2
Prof Martyn Chipperfield
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1) ' Introduction to atmospheric chemistry : a companion text to Basic physical chemistry for the atmospheric sciences ' by P.V. Hobbs published by Cambridge University Press 2000.

General atmospheric chemistry but quite easy to understand, useful for a first insight in the different topics discussed in the module.

2) ' Chemistry of atmospheres : an introduction to the chemistry of the atmospheres of Earth, the planets, and their satellites ' (3rd Edition) by R.P Wayne published by OUP 2000.

A more complete and in depth general atmospheric chemistry book that will help to improve your knowledge and understanding of the topics discussed in this module.

3) ' Atmospheric chemistry : fundamentals and experimental techniques' by B.J. Findlayson-Pitts and J.N. Pitts published by John Wiley 1986

Quite specialist book but useful for checking of some punctual concepts. It is a bit out of date but there is a new version available titled: “Chemistry of the upper and lower atmosphere: theory, experiments, and applications ”.

4) ' Atmospheric pollution and environmental change' by S. Metcalfe and D. Derwent published by Hodder Arnold, 2005

Another general atmospheric chemistry as well quite easy to understand and useful for a first insight in the different topics discussed in the module.

5) ' Atmospheric pollution : history, science, and regulation' by M. Z. Jacobson CUP 2002.

A book more quite useful if you are especially interested in the policy and history implications of atmospheric chemistry

6) ' Atmospheric pollution : a global problem' by D. Elsom. Blackwells.

This book is a very comprehensive guide to the global problem of air pollution. The information supplied is technically advanced, and, although it focuses mostly on situations in the UK and America, it does cover the rest of the world for reference.

7) ' Atmospheric change : an Earth system perspective' by T.E. Graedel and P.J. Crutzen, W.H. Freeman, 1993

This book was written by the world’s number one climate experts: Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen and Thomas Graedel. Whatever you want to know about the atmosphere - it is in here, be it atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, the ozone-hole problem, the formation of smog, the greenhouse effect, long-term climate evolution, natural versus man-made changes. However, this book is not easy, but it is accessible for an informed lay person and a graduate student in the field.

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