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Module Reading List

An Introduction to Childhood and Child Development, 2017/18, Semester 2
Nathan Loynes
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 Child Development – Booklist

This list contains a selection of books that you might find useful.

Abbott, L. Moylett, H. (1997) Working with the under-threes : responding to children's needs. London , Open University Press London

Anning, A.  Edwards, A. (1999/2006) Promoting children's learning from birth to five : developing the new early years professional. London,  Open University Press

Archard, D. (1993). Children, Rights and Childhood.  Routledge London

Basarab-Howarth, J.A.(2000) The child's world : assessing children in need. London , Jessica Kingsley

Brown, Fraser, (Ed) (2003) Playwork : theory and practice.  London , Open University Press

Bruce, T.  (2004). Developing learning in early childhood.  London, Paul Chapman Publishing

Bruce, T. (2001) Learning through play : babies, toddlers and the foundation years.  Hodder and Stoughton

Bruce, T and Meggitt, C. (2002)  Child care and Education.  (3rd ed), London, Hodder and Stoughton

Bull, P.  (2001)  Communication under the microscope : the theory and practice of microanalysis. London,  Routledge

Butler, I and Williamson, H. (1994) Children speak : children, trauma and social work. London, Longman

Cohen, D.  (1993)  The Development of Play. London,  Routledge

Childcare Act (2006) London HMSO. Available at: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/21/contents

Curtis, A. O ’ Hagan, M. (2003) Care and Education in early Childhood.  London, Routledge Falmer

Daniel, B. and Wassell, S.  Gilligan, R. (2010) Child development for child care and protection workers. London, Jessica kingsley

Daniel, B. and Wassell, S.  (2002) Assessing and Promoting Resilience in Vulnerable Children. London, Jessica Kingsley

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Ghate, D. and Hazel, N.  (2002)  Parenting in poor environments : stress, support and coping.  London, Jessica Kingsley

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Hawse, D. and Hawtin, A.  (2000)  Children : a multi-professional perspective.  London, Arnold

HM Treasury (2003) Every child matters : presented to Parliament by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury by Command of Her Majesty September 2003. (ECM) London, TSO

Hobart,  C. Frankel, J.  (2003).  A Practical Guide to Working with Parents.  London, Nelson Thornes

Hobart, C. Frankel, J.  (2004)  A practical guide to child observation and assessment .  London, Nelson Thornes

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Lee, N. (2001)  Childhood and society : growing up in an age of uncertainty . London,  Open University Press

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Lindon, J. (1998) Understanding child development : knowledge, theory and practice. London, Palgrave Macmillan

Lindon, J.  (2000) Helping Babies and Toddlers Learn:  Guide to Good Practice with Under Threes.  National Early Years Network

Lindon, J.  (2005) Understanding child development : linking theory and practice.  London, Hodder Arnold

Makins, V. (1997) Not just a nursery : multi-agency early years centres in action.  National Children ’ s Bureau

Meggett, C. (2006) Child development : an illustrated guide.. London, Heinemann

Moyles, J. R. (2003) Just playing? : the role and status of play in early childhood education.  London, Open University Press

Post, J. and Hohmann, M. (2000) Tender care and early learning : supporting infants and toddlers in child care settings.  London, High Scope Press

Pugh, G. (ed) (2001) Contemporary Issues in the Early Years: Working Collaboratively for Children (3rd edition). London,  Paul Chapman Publishing

Riddall-Leech, S (2008) How to observe children (2nd ed) Heinemann

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Sheridan, M. D. (2004).  Revised and updated by Marion Frost and Dr Ajay Sharma (2004).  From Birth to Five Years:  Children’s developmental Progress. London, Routledge

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Tassoni, P. (2008) Children's care, learning and development. London,  Heinemann

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Wyse, D. (ed) (2004) Childhood studies : an introduction. London,  Blackwell

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