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Module Reading List

Contemporary Issues and Debates in Early Childhood Studies, 2017/18, Semester 2
Nathan Loynes
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Complex Health reading list

Batshaw, M., Pellegrino, L. and Roizen, N. (2007) Children with disabilities, Brookes Publishing Co, Maryland.

Beresford, B. (1994) Positively parents : caring for a severely disabled child, SPRU, York.

Burke, P. (2004) Brothers and sisters of children with disabilities, Jessica Kingsley, London.

Burke, P. (2008) Disability and impairment : working with children and families, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.

Coleman, J & Hagell, A (Eds) (2007) Adolescence, risk and resilience : against the odds Wiley: Chichester. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Every Child Matters (2003), Aiming High for Disabled Children http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/n.

Every Disabled Child Matters, (2007) Disabled Children and Child Poverty, http://www.edcm.org.uk/pdfs/disabled_children_and_child_poverty.pdf

Frost, N ( 2011) Rethinking children and families : the relationship between the childhood, families and the state Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Horwath, J (2001) The child's world : assessing children in need, Jessica Kingsly Publishers, London.

Hornby, G. (1994) Counselling in child disability : skills for working with parents, Chapman and Hall, London.

McLaughlin, J, et al. (2008) Families raising disabled children : enabling care and social justice, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Middleton, L. (2005) Disabled children : challenging social exclusion, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Naseef, R. (2001) Special children, challenged parents : the struggles and rewards of raising a child with a disability, Paul, H Brookes Publishing Co, Maryland.

Read, J. (2000) Disability, the family and society : listening to mothers, Open University Press, Buckingham.

Read, J and Clements, L. (2002) Disabled Children and the Law, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.

Thomas, C (1999) IN, Burke, P (2008) Disability and impairment : working with children and families, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.

Townsley, R, Abbott, D and Watson, D. (2004) Making a difference : exploring the impact of multi-agency working on disabled children with complex health care needs, their families and the professionals who support them. The Policy Press, Bristol.

Tozer, R (1999), At the double : supporting families with two or more seriously disabled children. National Children’s Bureau, London.

Woolley, M. (2004) How do they manage? Income and Expenditure of Families with a Severely Disabled Child. York: Family Fund. http://www.communityequipment.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/How_do_they_manage11.pdf


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History of Child Welfare reading list

Aries,P. (1979) Centuries of Childhood, Harmondsworth, Peregrine

Brooks L, (2006) The story of childhood, Bloomsbury, London

Coontz, S (2000) Historical Perspectives on Family Studies, Journal of Marriage and Family. (US) pp283-297

Cunningham H, 2006, The invention of childhood, BBC Books, London

Hendrick H, (2003) Child welfare : historical dimensions, contemporary debates, Policy Press, London

Pearson, G., (1985) Hooligan : a history of respectable fears, London, MacMillan

Postman N, (1996) The Disappearance of Childhood, Vintage Books, London

Stein, Mike. 'Care less lives : the story of the rights movement of young people in care' / Published London : Catch 22, c2011


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Abuse of Children in Child Care Settings reading list

Barker, R., Jones, J., Saradjian, J and Wardell, R. (1998) Abuse in Early Years: report of the Independent Inquiry into Shieldfield Nursery and Related Events. Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle City Council.

Barter C (2003) Abuse of Children in Residential Care NSPCC: available at http://www.nspcc.org.uk/inform/research/briefings/abuseofchildreninresidentialcare_wda48221.html accessed on 19.11.07

Cameron, C., Moss, P. and Owen, C. (1999) Men in the nursery : gender and caring workPaul Chapman Publishing Ltd: London, Thousand Oaks and new Dehli.

Campbell, B. (1993) Out of the mouths of bairns. The Independent on Sunday 23rd April 1993 available at http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/out-of-the-mouths-of-bairns-when-children-revealed-they-had-been-abused-at-nursery-school-parents-on-a-tyneside-estate-united-to-obtain-evidence-beatrix-campbell-reports-1456914.html

Corby, B et.al (2001) Public inquiries into residential abuse of children. London: Jessica Kingsley

Coleman, J & Hagel, Adolescence, risk and resilience : against the odds (Eds) (2007) (See Chapter 3) Chichester: John Wiley

DoH (2000) Learning the Lessons. London: Stationery Office

Dfes (2006): Care matters : transforming the lives of children and young people in care. London: Stationery Office

Finkelhor D, Williams L and Burns N (1988) Nursery crimes : sexual abuse in day care. Sage: California and London

Frost, N. et.al (1999) : Understanding residential child care Aldershot:  Ashgate/Arena

Hayden et.al (1999): State child care : looking after children?. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Hunt, P. (1994)  Report of the Independent Inquiry into Multiple Abuse in Nursery Classes in Newcastle upon Tyne. New Castle upon Tyne: City Council of New Castle upon Tyne.

Kent, R (1997) Children's safeguards review Edinburgh: The Scottish Office

Kirkwood, A (1993) The Leicestershire inquiry 1992 : the report of an inquiry into aspects of the management of children's homes in Leicestershire between 1973 and 1986 Leicestershire County Council

Levy, A & Kahan, B The pindown experience and the protection of children : the Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry, 1990 (1991) Staffordshire County Council

Stein, M (2006): The Missing Years of Abuse in Children’s Homes Journal of Child & family social work.. Vol. 11, pp11 - 21

Thomas, N (2005): Social work with young people in care : looking after children in theory and practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave

Utting, W (1991) Children in the public care : a review of residential care. London: HMSO

Utting, W (1997) People Like Us. London: TSO

Webster, R and Woffinden B (2002) Cleared: the story of Shieldfield. Available at http://www.richardwebster.net/print/xcleared.htm accessed on 29.3.09

Wolmar, C (2000) Forgotten children : the secret abuse scandal in children's homes. London: Vision


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Inequalities reading list

Balanda,K.,Wilde, J. (2003) Inequalities in Perceived Health: A Report on the All-Ireland Social Capital and Health Survey. Dublin: Institute of Public Health in Ireland. http://www.publichealth.ie/publications/inequalitiesinperceivedhealth

Cootes A, (2003) Social determinants of health : the solid facts. Kings Fund on WHO, London available online at http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/98438/e81384.pdf

Ewles L. and Simnett I. (2004) Promoting health: a practical guide. Edinburgh: Baillière Tindall.

Graham H. (2007) Unequal lives : health and socioeconomic inequalities, Maidenhead: Open University Press

Naidoo J and Wills J (2000) Health promotion: foundations for practice. Edinburgh: Bailliére Tindall.

Townsend P. and Davidson N.(1982) Inequalities in Health London: Penguin Books

Tudor Hart, J (1971) ‘The inverse care law’ Lancet., I, 405-412

Wilkinson R. and Marmot M. (1998) Social determinants of health : the solid facts. Copenhagen: World Health Organisation European Office. On line at: http://www.who.dk/document/E59555.pdf

Williams SJ (2003) Medicine and the bodyLondon: Sage Publications Ltd

Young P. (1989) Mastering Social Welfare: Macmillan London

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Supporting Families reading list

On the family in general see:

Giddens, A (1999) The Reith Lectures Lecture on the ‘Family’, www.bbc.co.uk AND reprinted in ‘Runaway World’ (2000), London, Routledge

or sociology general text books, most of which have a chapter on ‘the family’.

On family support for government policy see:

Home Office (1998) ‘Supporting Families’, on the web, www.homeoffice.gov.uk.

Department for Education and Employment (1998) ‘Meeting the Childcare Challenge

Department of Health (1995) Child protection : messages from research.

Books on family support include:

Canavan, Dolan and Pinkerton (eds) (2000), ‘Family support : direction from diversity’, London, JKP

Colton, M. (1995), ‘Children in need : family support under the Children Act 1989’, London, JKP

Dolan, P., Canavan, J., Pinkerton, J. (Eds) (2006) ‘Family support as reflective practice’ JKP.

Featherstone, B. (2004) Family life and family support : a feminist analysis Palgrave, Basingstoke

Frost, N et al (eds) (2003) The RHP companion to family support Lyme Regis, Russell House

Land, H. (2001) Meeting the child poverty challenge : why universal childcare is key to ending child poverty, London, Daycare Trust

McAuley, C., Pecora, P. J., Rose, W. (Eds) (2006) Enhancing the well-being of children and families through effective interventions : international evidence for practice JKP.

Parton, N. (ed) (1997) ‘Child protection and family support : tensions, contradictions, and possibilities’, London, Routledge

Pithouse, A. (1998), ‘Family support and family centre services : issues, research and evaluation in the UK, USA, and Hong Kong’, London, JKP

Wheal, A (ed) (2002), Family support handbook, Lyme Regis, Russell House

Child protection

Humphreys, C. & Stanley, N. (Eds) (2006) ‘Domestic violence and child protection : directions for good practice’ JKP.

Parton, N. (2006) ‘Safeguarding childhood : early intervention and surveillance in a late modern society’ Palgrave Macmillan.

Parton, N. (1991) Governing the family : child care, child protection and the state, London, MacMillan

Parton, N., and Wattam, C. (1999) ‘Child sexual abuse : responding to the experiences of children’ , London, MacMillan

Violence Against Children Study Group (1990) ‘Taking child abuse seriously : contemporary issues in child protection theory and practice’, (London, MacMillan)

Violence Against Children Study Group (1999) ‘Children, child abuse and child protection : placing children centrally’, (London, John Wiley)

Wilson and James (eds) (2002) ‘The Child Protection Handbook’ London, Balliere Tindall


On co-operation in child protection see:

Hallett, C. (1995) Interagency coordination in child protection, London, HMSO.

Frost, N. (2005) ‘Professionalism, partnership and joined-up thinking : a research review of front-line working with children and families’, Research in Practice

On the government's Sure Start initiative:

The website www.surestart.gov.uk is invaluable. I have a box full of 'grey' literature - ask to see it if you wish. There is an important article written by the lead civil servant, Norman Glass below:

Glass N (1999) ‘Sure Start: The Development of an Early Intervention programme for Young Children in the United Kingdom’ Children & society. 13 pp. 257-264

Baldock, P. et al, (2005) Understanding Early Years Policy, Paul Chapman

Weinberger, J. et al, (2005) ‘Learning from Sure Start : working with young children and their families’ OUP,

Also important is:

Home Office (1998) ‘Supporting families : a consultation document.

Bradshaw, J. (2001) 'Poverty : the outcomes for children', London, FPSC

Harding, L. (2001) 'Child poverty', Sheffield, Hallam

See also official statistics in ‘Social trends.’ (published every year) or on the web www.ons.gov.uk

For books on family and children’s centres:

See the books mentioned under family support above including A.Pithouse and M. Colton.

Cannan, C (1992) 'Changing families, changing welfare : family centres and the welfare state', Brighton, Harvester Wheatsheaf

Warren-Adamson, C. (ed) 'Family centres and their international role in social action : social work as informal education', London, Ashgate

Smith, T. (1996) ' Family centres & bringing up young children', London, HMSO

Holman, B. (1988) 'Putting families first : prevention and child care : a study of prevention by statutory and voluntary agencies', London, MacMillan

McMahon, L. and Ward, A.(2001) 'Helping families in family centres : working at therapeutic practice', London, Jessica Kingsley

General books:

Bilson, A. (Ed) (2005) ‘Evidence-based practice in social work’ Whiting & Birch.

Greene, S. & Hogan, D. (2005) ‘Researching children's experiences’ Paul Chapman.

Fawcett, B. et al (2004) ‘Contemporary child care policy and practice’ (Palgrave)

Frost, N. (ed) ‘Child welfare : major themes in health and social welfare’ (four volumes) (Routledge)

Hendrick, H ‘Child welfare and social policy : an essential reader’ (Polity, 2005).

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