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Module Reading List

Language Teaching in Practice, 2017/18, Semester 2
Niamh Mullen
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Text

Hedge, T. (2000). Teaching and learning in the language classroom . Oxford, OUP. 

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General Language Teaching Textbooks

Carter, R. and D. Nunan, Eds. (2001). The Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages . Cambridge, CUP.

Celce-Murcia, M., Ed. (2001). Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language . Third Edition. Boston, Heinle and Heinle.

Cook, V. J. (1996). Second Language Learning and Language Teaching . London, Edward Arnold.

Harmer, J. (1991). The Practice of English Language Teaching. London, Longman.

Harwood, N. Ed. (2013). English language teaching textbooks : content, consumption, production Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.

McDonough, J. and C. Shaw (1993). Materials and Methods in ELT . Oxford, Blackwell.

Nunan, D. (1999). Second language teaching & learning London, Newbury House.

Richards, J. C. and W. A. Renandya, Eds. (2002). Methodology in language teaching : an anthology of current practice . Cambridge, CUP.

Ur, P. (1996). A course in language teaching : practice and theory . Cambridge, CUP.

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Supporting Texts

Dam, Leni (2003) Developing learner autonomy: the teacher’s responsibility. In D. Little, J. Ridley & E. Ushioda (eds.) Learner autonomy in the foreign language classroom : teacher, learner, curriculum and assesment . Dublin: Authentik. pp. 135 – 146.

Davies, A. and C. Elder (2006). General introduction applied linguistics: Subject to discipline? In A. Davies and C. Elder. (eds.) The Handbook of Applied Linguistics . Oxford, Blackwell: 1-15.

Ellis, G. and B. Sinclair (1989). Learning to Learn English . Cambridge, CUP.

Kaplan, R., Ed. (2002). The Oxford handbook of applied linguistics Oxford, OUP.

Little, D., Ridley J. & Ushioda E. (eds.) Learner autonomy in the foreign language classroom : teacher, learner, curriculum and assesment Dublin: Authentik. pp. 135 – 146.

Nunan, D. (1988). Syllabus design Oxford, OUP.

Parker, J., Heitzman, S., Fjerstad, A., Babbs, L. and Cohen, A. (1995) Exploring the role of foreign language in immersion education. In F. Eckman, D. Highland, P. Lee, J. Milcham and R. Weber (eds.) Second language acquisition : theory and pedagogy . Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. pp. 235-253.

Pennycook, A. (1994). The cultural politics of English as an international language . London, Longman.

Pennycook, A. (2001). Critical applied linguistics : a critical introduction . London, Lawrence Erlbaum.

Richards, J. and T. Rodgers (2001). Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching . Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. 

Tsui, A. (2003). Understanding expertise in teaching : case studies of second language teachers : . Cambridge, CUP.

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