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Module Reading List

Topics in Phonetics and Phonology, 2017/18, Semester 2
Gisela Tome Lourido
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

  Further readings for the specific topics this year will be given throughout the module     

Ashby, M. & J. Maidment (2005)  Introducing phonetic science . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ball,M. J. & J. Rahilly (1999) Phonetics : the science of speech . London: Edward Arnold.

Catford, J. C. (2001)  A practical introduction to phonetics . Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2nd edition.

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Johnson, K. (1997)  Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics. Oxford: Blackwell.

Kent, R. D. & C. Read (2002)  Acoustic analysis of speech . San Diego: Singular Publishing. 2nd edition.

Knight, R.-A. (2012) Phonetics : a coursebook . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ladefoged, P. (2001) A course in phonetics . Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 4th edition.

Ladefoged, P. (2003) Phonetic data analysis : an introduction to fieldwork and instrumental techniques . Oxford: Blackwell.

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Lodge, K. (2009) A critical introduction to phonetics . New York: Continuum.

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Reetz, H. & Jongman, A. (2008)  Phonetics : transcription, production, acoustics and perception . Oxford: Blackwell.

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