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RESS 2-3 SSP - Reading List by Project

RESS 3 Special Studies Project, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr Sikha Saha
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Teaching Skills for Undergraduate Medical Students

Boursicot, K and Roberts T. (2005) ‘How to set up an OSCE’ Clinical Teacher 2.1 (2005): 16-20.

Bullock A. (2014) Does technology help doctors to access, use and share knowledge? Medical education. . Vol.48:28-33.

Fuller, R. and Joynes, R. (2015) Enhancement or replacement? Understanding how use of mobile learning resources is shaping how healthcare students are learning. Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries. . Vol. 11 (2): 7-10.

GMC. 2009. Tomorrow’s Doctors . London: General Medical Council.

Jarvis, P. 2006. Towards a comprehensive theory of human learning . Oxford: Routledge.

Hager P. (2008) Learning and Metaphors Medical teacher. 2008; 30: 679–686

Swanwick, T. (Ed). 2010. Understanding Medical Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice . Edinburgh: ASME or West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell

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Medical education.

Medical teacher.

Clinical Teacher

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Exploring stories from medical practice through theatre and drama

Bates V, Bleakley A, Goodman S (2014) Medicine, health and the arts : approaches to the medical humanities . Routledge.

Bleakley A (2015) Medical humanities and medical education : how the medical humanities can shape better doctors .Routledge

Penhall J (2000) Blue/orange . Modern Plays

Wynne M (2015) Who cares . faber & faber

History of Medicine

William F. Bynum. The History of Medicine (Oxford University Press, 2008).

William F. Bynum. Science and the practice of medicine in the nineteenth century . (Cambridge University Press,1994).

Anne Hardy. Health and medicine in Britain since 1860 (Palgrave, 2001).

Christopher Lawrence, Medicine in the making of modern Britain, 1700-1920 , 1700-1920 (Routledge, 1994).

Roy Porter, The greatest benefit to mankind : a medical history of humanity from antiquity to the present (Harper Collins, 1997).

Andrew Wear (ed.), Medicine in society : historical essays (Cambridge University Press, 1992).

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Essential Oils in Medicine

Buckle, J. Clinical aromatherapy : essential oils in healthcare Third edition Churchill Livingstone; Philadelphia, ISBN-10: 0702054402 ISBN-13: 978-0702054402

Price, S, Aromatherapy for Health Professionals Fourth Edition Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier; Edinburgh, ISBN-10: 0702035645 ISBN-13: 978-0702035647

Tisserand, R & Young, R Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals Second edition Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier; Edinburgh, ISBN-10: 0443062412 ISBN-13: 978-0443062414

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Spirituality & Medicine

White G., 2006, Talking about spirituality in health care practice : a resource for the multi-professional health care team , London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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