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Reading List

Religion, Politics and the Future, 2017/18, Semester 2
Dr Stefan Skrimshire
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Heise, U. 2016. Imagining extinction : the cultural meanings of endangered species ISBN: 9780226358161 paperback : alkaline paper; 9780226358024 hardback : alkaline paper; 022635802X hardback : alkaline paper; 022635816X paperback : alkaline paper (University of Chicago Press).

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Readers (for classic texts)

Cahn, S. Classics of political and moral philosophy, second edition (Oxford: OUP, 2011)

Hoelzl, M. and Ward, G. (eds) Religion and political thought (London: Continuum, 2006)

McLellan, D. Political Christianity : a reader (SPCK, 1997)

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Bretherton, L. Christianity and contemporary politics : the conditions and possibilities of faithful witness (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

Bull, M. (ed) Apocalypse theory and the ends of the world (Oxford: Blackwell, 1995)

Cavanaugh, W. Migrations of the Holy : God, state, and the political meaning of the Church (Cambridge: Eerdman’s, 2011)

Cavanaugh, W. and Scott, P. (eds) The Blackwell companion to political theology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004)

Cavanaugh, W., Bailey, J.W. and Hovey, C. (eds) An Eerdmans reader in contemporary political theology (Cambridge: Eerdman’s, 2012)

Cox, H. The secular city : secularization and urbanization in theological perspective (1965)

Davis, C. Religion and the making of society : essays in social theology (Cambridge: CUP,1994)

De Gruchy, J. Christianity and democracy : a theology for a just world order (Cambridge: CUP, 1995)

Eliade, M. The Myth of the Eternal Return trans. Willard R. Trask (Princeton: PUP, 1991)

Forrester, D. Theology and politics (Oxford: Blackwell, 1988)

Hammer, E. Philosophy and temporality from Kant to critical theory [electronic resource] (Cambridge: CUP, 2011)

Hoelzl, M. and Ward, G. (eds) The new visibility of religion : studies in religion and cultural hermeneutics (London: Continuum, 2008)

Jurist, E. Beyond Hegel and Nietzsche : philosophy, culture, and agency (MIT, 2000)

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Kessler. M.J. (ed) Political theology for a plural age (OUP USA, 2013)

Lincoln, B. Holy terrors : thinking about religion after September 11 (University of Chicago Press, 2006)

Lloyd, V. The problem with grace : reconfiguring political theology (Stanford University Press, 2011)

Löwith, K. Meaning in history : the theological implications of the philosophy of history/ by Karl Löwith (London: University of Chicago Press, 1949)

Maddox, G. Religion and the Rise of Democracy. London: Routledge, 1995

McLellan, D. Unto Caesar : the political relevance of Christianity (London: University of Notre Dame  Press, 1993)

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Philips, E. Political theology : a guide for the perplexed. (T&T Clark, 2012)

Rowland, C. Radical Christianity : a reading of recovery (Cambridge: Polity, 1988)

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Chadwick, H. Augustine (Oxford: OUP, 1986)

Augustine of Hippo, Concerning the city of God against the pagans trans. Henry Bettenson (London: Penguin, 2003)

Daley, Brian The hope of the early church : a handbook of Patristic eschatology (Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 2003)

Dyson, R. St Augustine of Hippo : the Christian transformation of political philosophy (London: Continuum, 2005)

Hollingworth, M. The pilgrim city : social and political ideas in the writings of St. Augustine of Hippo (London: T&T Clark, 2010)

Markus, R.A., Saeculum : history and society in the theology of St. Augustine (Cambridge: CUP, 1970)

Markus, R.A., Christianity and the secular  (Indiana: University of Notre Dame, 2006) 

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Lohse, B. Martin Luther ISBN: 0567093573 (Augsburg, Fortress Press, 2000) 

Nessan, C. 'Reappropriating Luther's Two Kingdoms', Lutheran Quarterly  2005, vol. 19, 302-311,

Stephenson, J.R. 'The Two Governments and the Two Kingdoms in Luther's Thought' Volume 34Issue 4, August 1981 , pp. 321-337


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Eschatology and Apocalypse

Balabanski, V. Eschatology in the making : Mark, Matthew, and the Didache (Cambridge: CUP, 1997)

Baukham, R. The climax of prophecy : studies on the Book of Revelation

Bauckham, R. Hope against hope : Christian eschatology at the turn of the millennium

Bergman, S. and Gerten, D. (eds) Religion and dangerous environmental change : transdisciplinary perspectives on the ethics of climate and sustainability (Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2008)

Cohn, N. The pursuit of the millennium : revolutionary millenarians and mystical anarchists of the Middle Ages, revised and expanded (New York: Oxford University Press, [1957] 1970).

Collins, John J. The apocalyptic imagination : an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic literature (1984)

Collins, A.Y. Crisis and catharsis : the power of the Apocalypse (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1984).

Conradie, E. Hope for the Earth : vistas for a new century (Wipf and Stock, 2005)

Forrester, D. Apocalypse now? : reflections on faith in a time of terror (London: Ashgate, 2005)

Ferguson, David and Marcel Sarot, eds , The future as God's gift : explorations in Christian eschatology (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000).

Frilingos, C.A. Spectacles of empire : monsters, martyrs, and the book of Revelation (University of Pennysylvania Press, 2013)

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La Due, W. J. The Trinity guide to eschatology (London: Continuum, 2004)

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Quash, B. Theology and the drama of history. Cambridge University Press, 2008

Walls, J.L. (ed) The Oxford handbook of eschatology (Oxford: OUP)

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Marxism and Religion

Engels, F. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific

[ ]

Cristaudo, W and Baker, W Messianism, apocalypse and redemption in twentieth century German thought (Adelaide: ATF Press, 2006).

Bloch, Ernst, The spirit of Utopia, trans. by Anthony A. Nassar (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000).

Bloch, Ernst , The principle of hope , vol. 1-3, trans. by Neville Plaice, Stephen Plaice and Paul Knight (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986). Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Bloch, E. Man on his own : essays in the philosophy of religion trans. E.B. Ashton (London: Herder and Herder, 1970)

Carvounas, D. Diverging time : the politics of modernity in Kant, Hegel, and Marx (Lexington Books, 2002)

Dudley, W. (ed) Hegel and history (State of New York University Press, 2010)

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Lash, N. A matter of hope : a theologian's reflections on the thought of Karl Marx (London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 1982)

Marx, K. and Engels, F. The Communist manifesto ed. David McLellan (Oxford: OUP, 1992)

McLellan, D. Marxism and religion : a description and assessment of the Marxist critique of Christianity (London: Macmillan Press, 1987) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Bloch, Atheism in Christianity : the religion of the Exodus and the Kingdom (New York: Herder and Herder, 1972)

Bentley, J. Between Marx and Christ : the dialogue in German-speaking Europe 1870-1970 (London: Verso, 1982).

Hudson, W. The Marxist philosophy of Ernst Bloch (London: Macmillan, 1982)

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Crimmins, J.E. Religion, secularization and political thought : Thomas Hobbes to J.S. Mill (London: Routledge, 1990)

Beaumont, J. and Cloke, P. Faith-based organisations and exclusion in European cities (London: Polity, 2012)

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Bobbio, N. Liberalism and Democracy (London: Verso, 1990)

Fukuyama, F. The end of history and the last man (London: Penguin Books, 1992). [ ]

Gray, John, Black mass : apocalyptic religion and the death of Utopia (London: Penguin, 2007) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Gray, J. Two faces of liberalism (The New Press, 2000)

Insole, C. The politics of human frailty : a theological defence of political liberalism (London: SCM Press, 2004)

Nicholls, D. Deity and domination : images of god and the state in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (London: Routledge, 1994)

Song, R. Christianity and liberal society (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975)

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McGinn, B. Visions of the end: apocalyptic traditions in the middle ages (Columbia University Press, 1998)

Newport, K. and Gribben, C. Expecting the end : millennialism in social and historical context (Baylor University Press, 2006)

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*Wessinger, C. (ed) The Oxford handbook of millennialism (New York: USA OUP, 2011)

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