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Selected Reading List

Campus to Clinic 3, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Shireen McKenzie
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General texts

(The anthologies contain papers on many different topics. Always worth a look as a first port of call.)

Beauchamp T. L. & J. F. Childress, Principles of Biomedical Ethics , OUP, 2009.

BMA, Medical ethics today : the BMA's handbook of ethics and law, 3rd Edition, 2012 e-book .

Chadwick R. Encyclopedia of applied ethics , Academic Press 1998. (Anthology)

Frey R. G. & C. H. Wellman, A companion to applied ethics , Blackwell, 2005. (Anthology)

Harris J. (ed.) Bioethics , OUP, 2004. (Anthology)

Holland S (ed.)Arguing about bioethicsRoutledge, 2012.

Hope T. Medical ethics: a very short introduction , OUP, 2004.

Kuhse H. & P. Singer Bioethics: An Anthology , Blackwell, 2006. (Anthology)

Kuhse H. & P. Singer A companion to bioethics , Blackwell 1998. (Anthology)

Jackson J. Ethics in medicine , Polity Press, 2006.

LaFollette H. The Oxford handbook of practical ethics , OUP 2003. (Anthology)

Pellegrino E. & D. Thomasma, The virtues in medical practice , OUP, 1993.

Rhodes R., L. Francis & A. Silvers (eds.), The Blackwell guide to medical ethics , Blackwell, 2007.

Steinbock B. (ed.) The Oxford handbook of bioethics, OUP, 2007.

Veatch R. Medical ethics , Jones and Bartlett 1997.

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Introductory texts on ethical theory

Baggini J. & Peter Fosl. The ethics toolkit: a compendium of ethical concepts and methods , Blackwell 2007.

Bennett C. What is this thing called ethics? Routledge 2010.

Driver J. Ethics: the fundamentals , Blackwell 2007.

Singer P. (ed.) A companion to ethics , Blackwell 1993.

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On Law and Medical Ethics see:

Brazier M. & Cave E. Medicine, Patients and the Law (4th edition), Penguin. 2007. 

Mason J. K. & McCall Smith R. A., Law and Medical Ethics (8th edition), Oxford University Press. 2011.

Montgomery J. Health care Law ( 2nd edition)., Oxford University Press. 2010.  

Savulescu J., Hendrick J., Hope T. Medical Ethics and Law: The Core Curriculum (2nd edition). Churchill Livingstone, 2008. 

Staunch M., & Wheat K. Text, cases and materials on medical law and ethics. (4th edition), Routledge, 2012.  

(Always use the most up to date edition available as the law is subject to continued change)

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If you want to find out more about how different ethical theories tackle practical problems, see:

Hursthouse R. “Virtue Theory and Abortion”, in Crisp R. & Slote M. Virtue ethics , OUP, 1997.

LaFollette H. The Blackwell guide to ethical theory , Blackwell, 2000.

Oderberg D. Applied ethics: a non-consequentialist approach , OUP, 1998.

Singer P. A companion to ethics , Blackwell, 1993.

Singer P. Practical Ethics , CUP, 1993. For a definitive account of a utilitarian’s approach to applied ethics.

There are numerous books and articles dealing with particular issues. Below is just a selection .

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Burley J. & Harris J. A companion to genethics , Blackwell, 2004.

Deech R. & A. Smajdor, From IVF to immortality: controversy in the era of reproductive technology , OUP 2007.

Harris J., Wonderwoman and superman: the ethics of human biotechnology , OUP, 1992.

Harris J. Clones, genes, and immortality: ethics and the genetic revolution , OUP, 1998.

Harris J. On cloning , Routledge, 2004.

Harris J. & Holm S. The future of human reproduction: ethics, choice, and regulation , OUP 1998.

Holmes H. & Purdy L. Feminist perspectives in medical ethics , Indiana University Press, 1992.

Kass L. & Wilson J, The ethics of human cloning , AEI, 1998.

Kitcher P. The lives to come: the genetic revolution and human possibilities , Simon & Shuster, 1996.

Nussbaum M. & Sunstein C. Clones and clones: facts and fantasies about human cloning , Norton, 1998.

Pence G. Who's afraid of human cloning? Rowman & Little, 1998.

Rantala M. & Milgram A. Cloning: for and against , Open Court, 1999.

Robertson J. Children of choice: freedom and the new reproductive technologie , University of Princeton Press, 1994.

Singer P. & Wells D. The reproduction revolution: new ways of making babies , OUP, 1984.

Warnock M. Making babies: is there a right to have children? OUP, 2002.

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End of life

Special edition of Ethics. Vol. 109.3 (1999) (especially Brock and Thomson).

Bilsen J. et al. ‘ Medical End-of-Life Practices under the Euthanasia Law in Belgium’ New England journal of medicine. 361;11 (Sept 2009), 1119-1121.

Brock D. 'Voluntary Active Euthanasia', Hastings Center report . 22, 2 (1992): 10-22

Dworkin R. Life's dominion: an argument about abortion, euthanasia, and individual freedom , Vintage Books, 1994.

Finlay G. and George R. ‘Legal physician-assisted suicide in Oregon and The Netherlands: evidence concerning the impact on patients in vulnerable groups’ Journal of medical ethics. 37.3 (2011), 171-174.

Ganzini L. et al. ‘Prevalence of depression and anxiety in patients requesting physicians’ aid in dying: cross sectional survey’ British medical journal. 2008; 337:a1682.

Gill M. ‘Is the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide Compatible with Good End-of-Life Care?' Journal of applied philosophy. 21.1 (2009), 27-45.

Glover J. Causing death and saving lives , Penguin, 1977.

van der Heide et al. ‘End of Life Practices in the Netherlands under the Euthanasia Act’, New England journal of medicine. 356:19 (10 May 2007).

Harris, J. The value of life , (London: Routledge, 1985), Chs 1-4.

Huxtable, R. Euthanasia, ethics and the law : from conflict to compromise?, Routledge, 2007.

Keown J. (ed.), Euthanasia examined: ethical, clinical and legal perspectives , CUP, 1997.

Keown J. Euthanasia, ethics and public policy: an argument against legalisation , CUP, 2002.

Kuhse H. The sanctity-of-life doctrine in medicine: a critique , Clarendon Press, 1987.

Levene I and Parker M. ‘Prevalence of depression in granted and refused requests for euthanasia and assisted suicide: a systematic review’ Journal of medical ethics. 37.4 (2011), 205-211.

McLean S. Assisted dying: reflections on the need for law reform , Routledge, 2007.

Quill T. ‘Legal Regulation of Physician-Assisted Death – The latest report cards’ New England journal of medicine 356:19 (10 May 2007).

Randall F. & Downie R.S. Palliative care ethics: a good companion , Oxford Medical Publications, 1996.

Rachels J. ‘Active and Passive Euthanasia’ in Kuhse H. & P. Singer, Bioethics: An Anthology , Blackwell, 2006. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Seale C. ‘The role of doctor’s religious faith and ethnicity in taking ethically controversial decisions during end of life care’ Journal of medical ethics. 2010 36: 677-682.

Seay G. ‘Euthanasia and common sense’, Journal of medicine and philosophy. 36.3 (2011), 321-327.

Steinbock B. ‘The Intentional Termination of Life’ in John Arras, Bonnie Steinbock and Alex John London (eds.), Ethical issues in modern medicine Sixth Edition, (Boston: McGraw Hill, 2003), 120-130

Steinbock B. & Norcross A. Killing and letting die , Fordham University Press, 1994.

Steinbrook R. ‘Physician-assisted death – from Oregon to Washington state’ New England journal of medicine. 359; 24 (Dec. 2008), 2513-2515.

Stewart C. et al. ‘A test for mental capacity to request assisted suicide’ Journal of medical ethics. 2011 37: 34-39.

Van der Lee M. ‘Depression and Physician Assisted Dying – editorial’ British medical journal. 2008; 337: a1558.

Warnock M. & MacDonald E. Easeful death : is there a case for assisted dying?, OUP 2009.

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Bassen P. ‘Present Sakes and Future Prospects: the Status of Early Abortion’, Philosophy & public affairs , 11(4):314-37. 1982.

Burgess J. A. 'Potential and Foetal Value', Journal of applied philosophy , 27:2 (2010), 140-153.

Camosy C. 'Common Ground on Surgical Abortion? - Engaging Peter Singer on the Moral Status of Potential Persons', Journal of medicine and philosophy , 33, (2008), 577-593.

Davis N. ‘Abortion and Self-Defence’, Philosophy & public affairs , 13(3):175-207) 1984.

Dworkin R. Life's dominion: an argument about abortion, euthanasia, and individual freedom , Vintage Books, 1994.

Galvao P. 'Boonin on the future-like-ours argument against abortion', Bioethics , 2007, 21:6, 324-28.

Glover J. Causing death and saving lives , Penguin, 1977.

Harman E. ‘The Potentiality Problem’, Philosophical studies. 114(no's 1-2) 2003.

Hursthouse R. ‘Virtue Theory and Abortion’, Philosophy & public affairs , 20(3): 223-246. 1991.

Hursthouse R. ‘Trying to prove the foetus does not matter’ in her Beginning lives , Blackwell, 1987. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Jacquette D. 'Two kinds of potentiality: a Critique of McGinn on the Ethics of Abortion', Journal of applied philosophy , 18.1 (2001), 79-86.

Lang G. 'Nudging the Responsibility Objection', Journal of applied philosophy., 25:1, (2008), 56-70.

Marquis D. ‘Why Abortion is Immoral’, Journal of philosophy , 86(4): 183-202) 1989.

Oderberg D. Applied ethics: a non-consequentialist approach , OUP, 1998.

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Rajczi A. ‘Abortion, Competing Entitlements, and Parental Responsibility’ Journal of applied philosophy. 26.4 (2009), 379-395.

Silverstein H. ‘A Woman’s ‘Responsibility’ for the Fetus’, Social theory and practice , 1987, 13, 103-19.

Singer P. Practical Ethics , CUP, 1993, chapter 6. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Thomson J. ‘A Defense of Abortion’, Philosophy & public affairs , 1(1): 47-66. 1971.

Tooley M. Abortion and infanticide , OUP, 1983.

Tooley M. ‘Abortion and Infanticide’, Philosophy & public affairs , 2(1): 37-65. 1972.

Tupa A. 'Killing, Letting Die, and the Morality of Abortion', Journal of applied philosophy , 26.1 (2009), 1-26.

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Bærøe K. ‘ Patient autonomy, assessment of competence and surrogate decision-making: a call for reasonableness in deciding for others’ Bioethics. 24.2 (2010), 87-95.

Barry M. and S. Edgman-Levitan, 'Shared Decision Making - The Pinnacle of Patient-Centered Care', New England journal of medicine., 2012; 366: 780-781 (1 March, 2012)

Brassington I. ‘ 'The concept of autonomy and its role in Kantian ethics', Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics., 21: 2, 166-176.

Brock D. and Buchanan A. Deciding for others: the ethics of surrogate decision making , CUP 1990.

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Savulescu J. ‘Rational Desires and the Limitation of Life-Sustaining Treatment’ in H. Kuhse and P. Singer (eds.) Bioethics: An Anthology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), pp. 646-63 and Bioethics 8:3 (1994), pp. 191-222.

Stacey Taylor J. ‘Autonomy and Informed Consent: A Much Mis-understood Relationship’, The journal of value inquiry. 38 (2004), 383-91.

Varelius J. ‘On Taylor’s Justification of Medical Informed Consent’, Bioethics . (October, 2010).

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Wilson J. ‘Is respect for autonomy defensible? ’ Journal of medical ethics . 33 (2007), 353-356.

Young R. ’Informed Consent and Patient Autonomy’, in H. Kuhse and P. Singer (eds.),A companion to bioethics (Blackwell, 2001), pp. 441-51.

Yuen-Cheng K. ‘What does respect for the patient’s autonomy require?’ Bioethics. published online first April 2012

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On children

Alderson P. Choosing for children: parents' consent to surgery , OUP, 1990.

Archard D. Children: Rights and Childhood , 2nd edition. Routledge, 2004.

Cave E. ‘Maximisation of minor’s capacity’ Child and family law quarterly. 23.4 (2011)

Elliston S, Best interests of the child in healthcare , Routledge, 2007.

Mullin M. ‘Children, Autonomy and Care’ Journal of social philosophy. Vol. 38.4 (2007), 536-553.

Whoolley S. ‘The limits of parental responsibility regarding medical treatment decisions’ Archives of disease in childhood. 96 (2011), 1060-1065. .

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On resource allocation

Bell J M and Susan Mendus (eds.) Philosophy and medical welfare (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988), (esp. essays by Lockwood, Harris and Broome).

Buchanan A. Justice and health care : selected essays OUP, 2009

Daniels N. Just health care , CUP, 1985.

Fried C. ‘An analysis of “equality” and “rights” in medical care’, Hastings Center report. 6.1 (1976), pp.29-34.

Humber J.M. and Almeder R.F. Allocating health care resources , Humana Press, 1995.

Kilner J.F.Who lives? who dies? : ethical criteria in patient selectionYale University Press, 1990.

Newdick C. Who should we treat? Rights, rationing, and resources in the NHS 2nd edition, OUP, 2005.

Wolff J. 'The Demands of the Human Right to Health', Aristotelian Society. Supplementary volume. (2012) Vol. 86, 217-237 and the companion paper –

Sreenivasan G. 'A Human Right to Health? Some Inconclusive Scepticism', Aristotelian Society. Supplementary volume. (2012) Vol. 86, 239-265.

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Age-based Rationing

The journal of law, medicine and ethics. (Spring 2012). Symposium: The Graying of America. Particularly papers by:

Daniel Callahan: Must we ration healthcare for the elderly?

David Gruenewald: Can health care rationing ever be rational?

Peggye Dilworth-Anderson et al: Social justice, health disparities, and culture in the care of the elderly.

Callahan D. Setting limits : medical goals in an aging society (Simon and Schuster, 1987).

Callahan D. ‘Controlling the costs of health care for the elderly - fair means and foul’ New England journal of medicine. 1996:335:744-46.

Daniels N:

a)  Am I my parents' keeper? : an essay on justice between the young and the old (OUP, 1988)

b)  ‘Justice between adjacent generations: Further thoughts’ The journal of political philosophy.16. 4 (2008)

Fleck L. ‘Just Caring: In Defense of Limited Age-based Healthcare Rationing’, Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics. 19 (2010): 27-37.

Harris J. The value of life (Routledge, 1985) or

Harris J. ‘The Value of Life’, in Kuhse and Singer (eds.) Bioethics: an anthology Second Edition (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), Item 46, pp.428-436.

Lazenby H. ‘Is Age Special? Justice, Complete Lives, and the Prudential Lifespan Account’, Journal of applied philosophy. 28.4 (2011).

Levensky N G. ‘Age as a criterion for rationing health care’ New England journal of medicine.1990:322:1813-5.

McKee M. Mossialos E. Dixon A. ‘Paying for the NHS: are we asking the right question? ’ Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2002; 95:59-60.

McKerlie D:

a)  ‘Equality between age-groups’, Philosophy & public affairs. 21.3 (1992)

b)  ‘Justice Between the Young and the Old’, Philosophy & public affairs. 30.2 (2001)

Shaw AB. ‘In defense of Agesim’ Journal of medical ethics.1994;20: 188-191, 194.

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Issues in medical ethics

Barker P. Mental health ethics : the human context Routledge, 2011.

Bloch S. and Chodoff P. Psychiatric Ethics , OUP, 1991.

Bok S. Lying: moral choice in public and private life , Pantheon, 1978.

Buchanan A. Brock D. Daniels N. & Winkler D., From chance to choice: genetics and justice , CUP, 2000.

Burley J. & Harris J. A companion to genethics , Blackwell, 2002.

Fabre C. Whose Body is it Anyway? [electronic resource]: Justice and the Integrity of the Person OUP, 2006.

Jackson J. Truth, trust and medicine , Routledge, 2001.

Jones J. et al, The ethics of surgical practice : cases, dilemmas, and resolutions, OUP, 2008.

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British medical journal.

Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics.


Hastings Center report.

Journal of applied philosophy.

The journal of law, medicine and ethics.

Journal of medical ethics.

Journal of medicine and philosophy.

New England journal of medicine.

Philosophy & public affairs.  

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