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Module Reading List

Advanced Audiology, 2017/18, Semester 1
Ruth Brooke
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

In addition to the below recommended textbooks, you will be directed to read essential journal articles and reports throughout the module - hard copies or links to these via the VLE will be provided.


Worrall L. and Hickson, L. 2003. Communication disability in aging : from prevention to intervention. San Diego : Singular Press.


Stephens, D.S. and Kramer, S.E. 2010. Living with hearing difficulties : the process of enablement Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell.


Andersson, G. et al. 2005. Tinnitus : a multidisciplinary approach. London : Whurr.


Dillon, H. 2001. Hearing aids. New York : Thieme.


Venema, T.H. 2006. Compression for clinicians. 2nd edition. New York : Thomson Delmar Learning.


Jastreboff, P.J. and Hazell, J.W.P. 2004. Tinnitus retraining therapy : implementing the neurophysiological model. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.


Jacobson, G.P. et al. 2007. Balance function assessment and management.  San Diego : Plural Publishing Inc.

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