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Language in Society Reading List

Language in Society, 2017/18, Semester 1
Professor Tony Crowley
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Language in Society (ENGL3294)

Semester 1 

Professor Tony Crowley, Dr. Alison Johnson

Course description:  Language and society are inextricably linked and language varies according to its users and the uses to which it is put. In this module students will explore selected aspects of the social variation of language, developing awareness of the ways in which English functions in social settings. The module will explore how and why English varies, relating findings to societal structures, groupings and divisions. The module introduces students to key theoretical approaches and scholarship within this important and wide-ranging area of language study, such as synchronic and diachronic aspects of accent and dialect; style; Standard and non-Standard English; social variables (e.g. gender, class, ethnicity); social networks; language and identity; politeness and accommodation; codes and code-switching; attitudes to language; language and nationalism; language and colonialism; language policy and planning.

Required course reading:

The following texts should be purchased as the week-by-week preparation reading will be taken from them and we will be using them in class.

Holmes, Janet. 2013 (4th edn.). An Introduction to Sociolinguistics.  Harlow: Pearson.

Meyerhoff, Miriam. 2011 (2nd edn.) Introducing sociolinguistics. London: Routledge.

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Additional seminar readings will include the following book chapters/articles (but additional readings may also be given to you during the course):

Cameron, Deborah. 1996. The language-gender interface: challenging co-optation. In Victoria Bergvall, Janet Bing and Alice Freed (eds.). Rethinking language and gender research : theory and practice. London: Longman, 31-53. 

Cheshire, J. 1982. Linguistic variation and social function. In Romaine, S. (ed.) Sociolinguistic variation in speech communities. London: Edward Arnold, pp. 153-166. Reprinted in Coupland, N. and Jaworski, A. (eds.) Sociolinguistics : a reader and coursebook. Basingstoke and London: Macmillan, pp. 185-198. 

Chinua Achebe. 1956. (from) 'The African Writer and the English Language', Transition. ISSN: 1211-0205 , 4.18, 27-30, reprinted in Morning yet on creation day : essays , London: Heinemann, 1975.

Cox, Brian. 1991. (from) 'Teaching Standard English', in Cox on Cox : an English curriculum for the 1990s , London: Hodder Education.

Eckert, Penelope. 2009. Ethnography and the Study of Variation. In Nikolas Coupland and Adam Jaworski (eds). The new sociolinguistics reader. New York: Palgrove Macmillan, 136–151.  

Gadelli. K.E. 1999. Language planning: Theory and practice. Evolution of language planning cases worldwide, Paris: Languages Division, Education Sector, UNESCO. - Available online: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0011/001184/118456eo.pdf

Giles, Howard, and Nancy Niedzielski. 1998. Italian is Beautiful, German is Ugly. In Laurie Bauer & Peter Trudgill (eds.). Language Myth. London: Penguin Books Ltd, 85-93. 

Hyde, Douglas. 1892. (from) 'The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland', in Language, lore and lyrics : essays and lectures , ed. B. O'Conaire. 1986. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1986. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Irish language legislation. 1922. (from) Constitution of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Eireann) Act ; 1937. Constitution of Ireland - Bunreacht na hÉireann ; 2003. Official Languages Act/Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla .

Tannen, Deborah. 1990. You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation. London: Virago Press. (Chapter 1) 

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Additional references:

Ideas for follow-up reading and additional references will be given to you in each lecture. You may also find the following books and articles useful in preparing for assignments.

Barbour, Stephen and Cathie Carmichael. 2002. Language and nationalism in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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