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Module Reading List

Digital Storytelling, 2017/18, Semester 1
Mr Andrew Sykes
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Williams R, The animator's survival kit , Faber & Faber, 2002 

Hart, J, The art of the storyboard : storyboarding for film, TV, and animation Oxford: Focal Press 1999

Glebas, Francis, Directing the story : professional storytelling and storyboarding techniques for live action and animation , Focal Press (2008)

Gilland, J, Elemental magic. v.1, The art of special effects animation , Focal Press (2009)

Gilland, J, Elemental magic. Volume 2, The technique of special effects animation , Focal Press (2009)

Spiegelman, A, Maus : a survivor's tale , Pantheon Books 1986

Sacco, J, Palestine , Fantagraphics 1996

Briggs, R, Ethel & Ernest : a true story , Jonathan Cape 1998

Miller, F, Batman : the Dark Knight returns , DC Comics 1986

Pekar H et al, Our cancer year , Da Capo Press Inc 1994

Satrapi M, Persepolis , Pantheon Books 2000

MCCLOUD, S. 1994. Understanding comics : the invisible art . New York: William Morrow. 

MCCLOUD, S. 2006. Making comics : storytelling secrets of comics, manga and graphic novels . New York: William Morrow


Folman, A. 2008. Waltz with Bashir [videorecording]

Paronnaud, V. Satrapi, M. 2007. Persepolis

S, Berman. 2004. American splendor [videorecording]

Takahata, I. 1988. Grave of the fireflies [videorecording]

"ZWIGOFF, T. 1995. Crumb comics : the whole family is crazy!.

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Booklist from last year:

MEADOWS, D. 2003. Digital Storytelling: Research-Based Practice in New Media. Visual communication. . 2(2),pp.189–193.

HARTLEY, J. and K. MCWILLIAM (eds.). 2009. Story circle : digital storytelling around the world Chichester, U.K.; Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell.

LAMBERT, J. 2012. Digital storytelling : capturing lives, creating community . New York; London: Routledge.

LUNDBY, K. (ed.). 2008. Digital storytelling, mediatized stories : self-representations in new media . New York ; Oxford: P. Lang.

MILLER, C.H. 2004. Digital storytelling : a creator's guide to interactive entertainment . Amsterdam ; London: Focal Press.

THUMIM, N. 2012. Self-representation and digital culture . Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Moving between scenes:
Publishing/converting to canvas:
http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/using/creating-publishing-html5-canvas-document.html (especially: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/using/creating-publishing-html5-canvas-document.html#main-pars_header_10

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Timeline manipulation:


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Sangalang, A., Quintero Johnson, JM. and Ciancio, K., 2013, Exploring audience involvement with an interactive narrative: Implications for incorporating transmedia storytelling into entertainment-education campaigns, Critical arts, 27(1): 129-148

Burke, Y., 2004, Emotional Engagement and Interactive Narrative Design. In Kurtgoxu, A. (Ed.) Proceedings of the Intenational Conference on Design and Emotion, Ankara, Turkey.

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