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Module Reading List

Human Growth, Behaviour and Development, 2017/18, Semester 2
Stephanie Steels
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General reading

BECKETT, C. 2002. Human growth and development . London. Sage

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Children, families and young people

ALDGATE, J., JONES, D., ROSE, W. & JEFFERY, C. 2006. The developing world of the child . London. Jessica Kingsley

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PRIOR, V. and D. GLASER. 2006. Understanding attachment and attachment disorders : theory, evidence, and practice . London:.Jessica Kingsley

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CRAWFORD, K. and J. WALKER. 2008. Social Work with Older People (2nd ed). Exeter. Learning Matters

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Additional Reading List

ADAMS, R. ,L. DOMINELLI and M. PAYNE.2009. Social Work Themes, Issues and Critical Debates . Basingstoke. Palgrave

ADAMS, R. ,L. DOMINELLI and M. PAYNE. 2009. Critical Practice in Social Work . Basingstoke. Palgrave

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British Journal of Social Work

Child abuse review

Child abuse and neglect

Child and adolescent social work journal

Child & family social work

Children & society

Clinical social work journal

Critical social work

European journal of social work

International social work

Journal of Social Work

Journal of social work values and ethics

Journal of Social Work Practice

Social work & social sciences review : an international journal of applied research

Social Work and Society

Social work education

An interesting article you could look at to get you started is:

TAYLOR, C. 2004. Underpinning knowledge for child care practice: reconsidering child development theory. Child & family social work , 9 (3), 225-235

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Web pages


A vast government website with links to many areas of interest. 19


An invaluable resource full of high quality research in many areas relevant to social work


The website of Research in Practice has some excellent research you can access


The website of the Social Care Institute of Excellence has many downloadable resources

https://web.archive.org/web/20070630202350/http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Policyandguidance/Healthandsocialcaretopics/index.htm to access the National Service Frameworks for older people, children, people with mental health issues, learning difficulties – and all other related policy guidance

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