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Module Reading List

Arts Marketing, 2017/18
Dr Maria Barrett
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Essential reading

Hill, L., O’Sullivan, C. and O’Sullivan, T. 2003. Creative arts marketing . 2nd ed. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.

Walmsley, B. 2014. Marketing entertainment. In: Moss, S. and Walmsley, B. eds. Entertainment management : towards best practice. Wallingford: CABI, pp.42-59.

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Supplementary texts

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Journals & Periodicals

Arts Marketing: An International Journal

Arts Professional

Cultural Trends

European Journal of Marketing

Harvard Business Review

International Journal of Arts Management

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

Journal of Arts Marketing

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Customer Behaviour

Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Marketing Management

Leisure Studies

Marketing Intelligence and Planning

Marketing Review

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