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Module Reading List

School Mathematics from an Advanced (Undergraduate) Perspective, 2017/18, Semester 2
Mr Innocent Tasara
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There is no single reference which covers the entire course. A suitable starter book is:

Mankiewicz, R. (2000) The Story of Mathematics. London: Cassell

There are many helpful websites, including the following:






Further suitable reference books include:

Daintith, J. and Nelson, R. D. (1989) The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics. London: Penguin Books.

Flegg, G. (1983) Numbers: Their History and Meaning. New York: Dover.

French, D. (2004)Teaching and learning geometry : issues and methods in mathematical education. London: Continuum.

Hughes, M. (1986) Children and number : difficulties in learning mathematicsOxford: Blackwell.

Kline, M. (1990) Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times (3 volumes). Oxford: The University Press..

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1969, 1989) Historical Topics for the Mathematics Classroom. Reston, VA: NCTM.

Neill, H. and Shuard, H. (1982) Teaching calculus Glasgow: Blackie:.

Pritchard, C. (ed.) (2003) The changing shape of geometry : celebrating a century of geometry and geometry teaching Cambridge: The University Press.

Smith, D. E. (1923, 1951) The History of Mathematics, Volume 1. New York: Dover.

Smith, D. E. (1925, 1953) The History of Mathematics, Volume 2. New York: Dover.

Stedall, J. A. (2008) Mathematics emerging : a sourcebook 1540-1900. Oxford: The University Press.

Other references will be suggested throughout the course.

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