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Module Reading List

Language for Law and Society, 2017/18, Semester L53

Module 1 Brexit and the Crisis of Democracy in Britain

Core Reading

Curtice, J. (2017) ‘Why Leave won the UK’s EU referendum’, Journal of Common Market Studies, 55(Annual Review), pp.19-37

Ford, R. and Goodwin, M. (2017) ‘Britain after Brexit: a nation divided,’ Journal of democracy. ISSN: 1045-5736 28 (January), pp.17–30.

Supplementary Sources

Clarke, H. D., Goodwin, M. and Whiteley, P. (2017) Brexit : why Britain voted to leave the European Union ISBN: 9781107150720 (hardback); 9781316605042 (paperback), Cambridge: CUP

Evans, G. and Menon, A. (2017) Brexit and British politics ISBN: 9781509523863 (paperback) : £12.99; 9781509523856 (hardback) : £40.00; 9781509523887 (Mobipocket ebook) : £12.99, Cambridge: Polity Press

Favell, A. and Barbulescu, R. (2018) ‘Brexit, “immigration” and anti-discrimination’, Diamond et al (eds) The Routledge handbook of the politics of Brexit ISBN: 9781138049369 (hbk.) : £175.00; 9781315169613 (ebook) : £39.99No price London: Routledge

Betts, A. (2016), ‘Why Brexit happened  -- and what to do next’ TED talk

Guardian webpage on Brexit results:

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Module 2 The European Mediterranean Migration Crisis

Core Reading

Crawley, H., Duvell, F., Jones, K., McMahon, S. and Sigona, N. (2016) ‘Destination Europe? Understanding the dynamics and drivers of Mediterranean migration in 2015’, MEDMIG Final Report

Crawley, H. and Skleparis, D. (2017) ‘Refugees, migrants, neither, both: categorical fetishism and the politics of bounding in Europe’s migration crisis’, Journal of ethnic and migration studies. ISSN: 1369-183x, pp. 1-17

Supplementary Sources 

Betts, A. (ed.) Global migration governance [electronic resource] ISBN: 9780191723544 (ebook) : No price, Oxford: OUP

Betts, A. and Collier, P. (2017) Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System, London: Penguin

Boswell, C. and Geddes, A. (2010) Migration and mobility in the European Union ISBN: 9780230007482 (pbk.), London: Palgrave

Collyer, M. and Samers, M. (2017) Migration, London: Routledge

Geddes, A. et al (2012) ‘Migration, environmental change and the challenge of governance’. Environment and Planning C, 30(6), pp. 951-967

Koser, K. (2007) International Migration: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: OUP

International Organisation for Migration, World Migration Report 2018

Lecture by Bridget Anderson:

Leeds Migration Research Network

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Module 3 Modernity and Modernization

Core Reading

Giddens, A. (1990) The consequences of modernity ISBN: 0745609236 (pbk); 0745607934, Ch.1, Cambridge: Polity Press, pp.1-54

Beck, U. (2016) ‘Varieties of second modernity and the cosmopolitan vision’, Theory, culture & society. ISSN: 0263-2764, 33 (7-8), pp. 257–70

Supplementary Sources

Bauman, Z. (2000) Liquid modernity ISBN: 9780745624105 (pbk); 0745624103 (pbk); 074562409X, Cambridge: Polity Press 

Beck, U., Giddens, A. and Lash, S. (1994) Reflexive modernization : politics, tradition and aesthetics in the modern social order ISBN: 0745612784 (pbk); 0745612776, Stanford: SUP

Beck, U. (1992) The Risk Society, Thousand Oaks: Sage

Chakrabarty, D. (2000) Provincializing Europe, Princeton: Princeton UP

Eisenstadt, S. (2000), ‘Multiple Modernities’, Daedalus. ISSN: 0011-5266, Winter 129 (1), pp. 1-29

Giddens, A. (1991) Modernity and Self-Identity, Cambridge: Polity Press 

Habermas, J. (1987) The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity, MIT Press

Said, E. (1978) Orientalism, London: Penguin

Therborn, G. (2003) ‘Entangled modernities’, European journal of social theory. ISSN: 1368-4310, 6 (3), pp. 293-305

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