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TRAN5014 Reading List

Environmental Science and Sustainability for Transport, 2017/18, Semester 1
Dr James Tate
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The following list includes a number of general texts on environmental science / protection and sustainability relevant for transport. Guidance for further specific reading specifically for lectures will be provided during the course.


Robertson, M. (2014) Sustainability - Principles and Practice. Routledge

Kates, R.W., Parris, T.M., Leiserowitz, A.A. (2005) What is Sustainable Development? Goals, Indicators, Values, and Practice. Environment : science and policy for sustainable development. , Volume 47, Number 3, pages 8–21

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Sustainable Transport:

Gudmundsson, H., Hall, R.P., Marsden, G., Zietsman, J. (2016) Sustainable transportation : indicators, frameworks, and performance management. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg

Schiller, P.,L. et al. (2010) An introduction to sustainable transportation : policy, planning and implementation . Earthscan, London

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Brady, J., Ebbage, A., Lunn, R. (2011) Environmental management in organizations: the IEMA handbook . Earthscan, London

Colls, J. (2002) Air pollution . London: Spon Press, 2nd edition

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Transport & Environment

Hitchcock, G. Conlan, B., Kay, D., Brannigan, C., Newman, D. (2014) Air Quality and Road Transport - Impacts and solutions. RAC Foundation

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