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Module Reading List

Structural Design 2, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr. Emilio Garcia-Taengua
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Prestressed concrete :

Gilbert & Mickleborough (1990), “Design of prestressed concrete”, http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b1167635~S5

Hendy & Smith (2007), “Designers' guide to EN 1992-2 : Eurocode 2, design of concrete structures. Part 2, Concrete bridges”, available online on and off campus (downloadable pdf files): http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b3219166~S5

Hewson (2003), “Prestressed Concrete Bridges: Design and Construction”, available online on and off campus (downloadable pdf files): http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b3219258~S5

Hurst (1998), “Prestressed Concrete Design”, http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b1862172~S5

Naaman (1982), “Prestressed concrete analysis and design : fundamentals”, http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b1096691~S5

Nawy (2003), “Prestressed Concrete: a Fundamental Approach”, http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b2252497~S5

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Structural timber :

Porteus & Kermani (2013), "Structural timber design to Eurocode 5", available online on and off campus (downloadable pdf files): http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b3032402~S5

McKenzie (2000), "Design of structural timber", http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b2043217~S5

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Steel structures :

Lebet & Hirst (2013), "Steel bridges: conceptual and structural design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges", available online on and off campus (downloadable pdf files): http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b3428244~S5

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Masonry structures :

Beall (1997), "Masonry design and detailing", http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b1853131~S5

Morton (2011), "Designers' Guide to Eurocode 6: Design of Masonry Structures: EN 1996-1-1: General Rules for Reinforced and Unreinforced Masonry", available online on and off campus: Designers' Guide To Eurocode 6: Design Of Masonry Structures

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Steel, timber, masonry and concrete :

McKenzie (2013), "Design of structural elements",  http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b2373983~S5

Arya (2009), "Design of Structural Elements: Concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and Timber to British Standards and Eurocodes", available online on and off campus (downloadable pdf files):  http://lib.leeds.ac.uk/record=b3529103~S5

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