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Module Reading List

Reality TV: Truth or Fiction?, 2017/18, Semester 2
Professor Ruth Holliday
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Week 1: Historicising Reality and Lifestyle TV

Corner, J., (2002). Performing the Real: Documentary Diversions.  Television & New Media, 3 (3) , 255-26  

Murray, S. and Oulette, L. (Eds) (2009). Introduction.  Reality TV [electronic resource] : remaking television culture. New York: New York University Press, pp.1-20  

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Week 2: Approaching Reality and Lifestyle TV: Cultural theory and critical analysis 

Althusser L (1971) Lenin and Philosophy, NY Monthly Review Press – Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses 142-177 - abridged version in John Storey (ed) Cultural Theory and Popular Culture, Hemel Hemstaed: Prentice Hall, 13-21.  

Mulvey L (1975) Visual pleasure and narrative cinema, Screen. ISSN: 0036-9543, 16 (3): 6–18.  

Hall S (1981) The Whites of their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media in Bridges and Brunt (eds) Silver linings : some strategies for the eighties : contributions to the Communist University of London ISBN: 0853155461, 22-58.   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

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Week 3: Globalisation and Reality TV

BELL, D. & HOLLOWS, J. (2007). Mobile homes. Space and culture., 10 , 22-39.  

KLEIN, B. & WARDLE, C. 2008. “These Two Are Speaking Welsh on Channel 4!”: Welsh Representations and Cultural Tensions on Big Brother 7. Television & New Media  9  514-530.  

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Week 4: Lifestyle TV, bodies and Makeover Culture

Jones, M (2008) ‘Before/ After: From Heresy to Makeover Culture’,  Skintight : an anatomy of cosmetic surgery, Oxford: Berg, Chapter 1, Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

Weber, B (2014) Chapter 20 Mapping the Makeover Maze: The Contours and Contradictions of Makeover Television, in L. Ouellette (ed) A companion to reality television, Oxford: Blackwell.  

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Week 5: Class, social divisions and reality television

Biressi, A. and Nunn, H. (2008) 'Bad Citizens: The Class Politics of Lifestyle Television', in: G. Palmer (ed)  Exposing lifestyle television : the big reveal, Aldershot: Ashgate pp. 15-23.  

Lyle, S. A. (2008) (Mis)recognition and the middle-class/bourgeois gaze: A case study of Wife Swap',  Critical discourse studies,5(4),319 -330  

 Deery, J. and Press, A. (eds). (2017). Media and class : TV, film, and digital culture ISBN: 9781138229785 (hardback); 9781138229792 (pbk.); 9781315387987 (ebk.). London: Routledge.     

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Week 6: Homes, taste and distinction

Giddens, A (1992)  The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love and Eroticism in Modern Societies, Cambridge: Polity. Chapter 4 Love, Commitment and the Pure Relationship.  

Holliday R, (2005). ‘Home Truths’, in  Ordinary lifestyles : popular media, consumption and taste, ed. by Bell D and Hollows J (Maidenhead : Open University Press), 65-81  

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Week 7: Cultural intermediaries and ordinary experts: pedagogy, ‘expertise’ and shame in RTV

PIPER, N. (2015). Jamie Oliver and Cultural Intermediation.  Food, culture and society., 18 , 245-264.  

RICH, E. (2011). ‘I see her being obesed!’: Public pedagogy, reality media and the obesity crisis.  Health. :,  15  3-21.  

Singh, A. 2016. Delia Effect Strikes Again. The Telegraph Online.  

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Week 8: Consuming ‘the real’: Audience investments and engagement with Reality TV

PIPER, N. (2013). Audiencing Jamie Oliver: Embarrassment, voyeurism and reflexive positioning.  Geoforum., 45 , 346-355.  

Skeggs B, Wood H and Thumim N (2008) Oh goodness I am watching reality TV: How methods make class in audience research.  European Journal of Cultural Studies 11(1): 5–24  

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Week 9: Reality TV Fame: Reality TV and Celebrity Culture.

Deller, R.A. (2016) 'Star image, celebrity reality television and the fame cycle', Celebrity studies. ISSN: 1939-2397; 1939-2400, 7(3): 373-389  

Kavka, M. (2012), ‘Third Generation Reality TV: Economics of Celebrity’, in Kavka, M., Reality TV. Edinburgh: Edinburugh University Press: 145-176   

Yang, L.  (2014), ‘Reality Talent Shows in China: Transnational format, affective engagement and the Chinese Dream., in L. Ouellette (ed) A companion to reality television ISBN: 9780470659274 £120.00 (hbk.); 9781118599594; 9781118599624; 9781118599754 (ebk.), Oxford: Blackwell: 516-540.   

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Week 10: Cultural labour and reality television production

Grindstaff, L., (2009). Self-Serve Celebrity: The Production of Ordinariness and the Ordinariness of Production in Reality Television. In V. Mayer, M. Banks & J. Caldwell (eds.) Production studies : cultural studies of media industries. New York/Oxon: Routledge, 71-86.  

Mayer, V., (2014). 'Cast Aways: The Plights and Pleasures of Reality Casting and Production Studies', in L. Ouellette (ed) A companion to reality television ISBN: 9780470659274 £120.00 (hbk.); 9781118599594; 9781118599624; 9781118599754 (ebk.), Oxford: Blackwell: 57-73   

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Week 11:The sociological imagination and the political potential of Reality TV

Ouellette, L. (2010) Reality TV Gives Back: On the Civic Functions of Reality Entertainment, Journal of popular film & television., 38:2, 66-71 

Jones S and Hollows J (2010) '"At Least He's Doing Something"., Moral Entrepreneurship and Individual Responsibility in Jamie's Ministry of Food.' European Journal of Cultural Studies , 13 (3)  

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