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Module Reading List

Sociology of Religion, 2017/18, Semester 1
Caroline Starkey
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Introduction to Sociology of Religion texts/general texts and chapters

(Make sure you have accessed at least one of these – several are edited collections that contain articles that will help with lecture, seminar and assessment preparation, and may also help give an overview of the topics we are considering).

Aldridge, A (2013) Religion in the contemporary world : a sociological introduction (3rd Edition). Cambridge: Polity.

Beckford, J. (2003) Social theory and religion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Clarke, P.B. (2011) The Oxford handbook of the sociology of religion. Oxford: OUP

Davie, G. (2013) The sociology of religion : a critical agenda. (2nd Edition), London: SAGE.

Singleton, A. (2014) Religion, culture and society : a global approach. London: SAGE.

Giddens, A. & Sutton, P. (2013) ‘Religion’, Sociology, (7th ed), London: Polity, pp. 716–728.   

Hamilton, M. B. (1995) The sociology of religion : theoretical and comparative perspectives. London: Routledge.  (just the introduction please)   

Riesebrodt, M and Konieczny, ME (2005) ‘Sociology of Religion’ In J.R.Hinnells (ed.) The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion. London: Routledge.

Turner, B.S. (ed.) (2010) The new Blackwell companion to the sociology of religion. London: Blackwell.

Turner, B. S. (1991 second edition). Religion and Social Theory. London: Sage.

Bender et al (2013)  Religion on the edge : de-centering and re-centering the sociology of religion.Oxford: OUP

McKinnon, A and Trzebiatowska, M (eds) (2014) Sociological theory and the question of religion. Ashgate: Oxon. 

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Classical Sociology/Sociology of Religion

Alexander, J. C. (1988). Durkheimian sociology : cultural studies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Alexander, J.C. and Smith, P. (eds.) (2005) The Cambridge Companion to Durkheim. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Allen, N. J., Pickering, W. S. F. and Watts Miller, W. (1998). On Durkheim's Elementary forms of religious life. London: Routledge.

Barbalet, J.M. (2008) Weber, Passion and Profits: 'The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism' in Context, Cambridge: CUP.

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Marshall, G. (1982) In search of the spirit of capitalism : an essay on Max Weber's Protestant ethic thesis. London: Hutchinson.

Mellor, P. A. (1998). 'Sacred Contagion and Social Vitality: Collective Effervescence in Les Formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse', Durkheimian Studies/Etudes Durkheimiennes, Vol. 4. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Mellor, P.A. ‘(2006) Religion as an Elementary Aspect of Society: Durkheim’s Legacy for Social Theory, in J.A, Beckford and J. Wallis (eds.), Theorising religion : classical and contemporary debates. London: Ashgate.

Mellor, P.A. (2009) ‘Durkheim’, in G. Oppy and N. Trakakis (eds.) The history of western philosophy of religion: Acumen Publishing.

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Wernick, A. (2001) Auguste Comte and the religion of humanity : the post-theistic program of French social theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The Journal of classical sociology. also contains many useful articles and is available online via the University of Leeds e-journal catalogue. This resource is a valuable accompaniment to the above reading list and is well worth browsing when preparing essays.

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Contemporary Sociology/Sociology of Religion

Ammerman, N. T (1987) Bible believers : fundamentalists in the modern world. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Ammerman, N. T. (2006) (ed). Everyday religion : observing modern religious lives. Oxford: OUP

Ammerman, N.T. (2014) Sacred stories, spiritual tribes : finding religion in everyday life. Oxford: OUP

Beck, U. (1992). Risk society : towards a new modernity, London: Sage.

Beckford, J. A. (1989). Religion and Advanced Industrial Society. London: Hyman.

Beckford, J. A. (1992). 'Religion, modernity and postmodernity', in B.R.Wilson (ed.), Religion : contemporary issues : the All Souls seminars in the sociology of religion. London: Belew.

Beckford, J. A. (2003) Social theory and religion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Beckford, J. A. and Demerath II, N.J. (eds.) (2007) The SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion. London: Sage.

Beckford, J. A. (2010) ‘The return of public religion? A critical assessment of a popular claim’, Nordic Journal of Religion and Society, 23 (2): 121–136. Available at:

Bender, C, Cadge, W, Levitt, P, and D. Smilde (2013) (eds). Religion on the edge : de-centering and re-centering the sociology of religion. Oxford: OUP.

Berger, P. (1990 [1967]). The Sacred Canopy. Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion. New York: Anchor Books.    

Berger, P. (1991 [1969]). A rumour of angels : modern society and the rediscovery of the supernatural. New York: Anchor Books.

Berger, P. (1999), (ed.), The desecularization of the world : resurgent religion and world politics, Michigan: Eerdmans

Bruce, S. (2001) The Curious Case of the Unnecessary Recantation: Berger and Secularization. IN Woodhead, L, Heelas, P. and Martin, D. (eds.) Peter Berger and the study of religion ISBN: 0415215323 (pbk); 0415215315. London: Routledge.    

Davidmann, L (1991) Tradition in a rootless world : women turn to Orthodox Judaism. Berkeley: UCP.

Davie, G. (2007) Vicarious Religion: A Methodological Challenge.” In Nancy T. Ammerman, ed. Everyday religion : observing modern religious lives ISBN: 9780195305401 (alk. paper); 019530540X (alk. paper); 0195305418 (pbk. ; alk. paper); 9780195305418 (pbk. ; alk. paper); 9780198041573 (ebk.); 0198041578 (ebk.), pp. 21-35. Oxford: Oxford University Press.   

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Mellor, P.A. and Shilling, C. (2010) ‘The Religious Habitus: Religion, Embodiment and Sociological Theory’, in B.S. Turner (ed.) The new Blackwell companion to the sociology of religion, London: Routledge.

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Turner, B (2014) Religion and Contemporary Sociological Theories. Current sociology = La sociologie contemporaine., 62 (6), 771-788. - Available at:

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Zuckerman, P. (2003), Invitation to the Sociology of Religion. New York/London: Routledge.

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