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Individuals and Population Reading List

Individuals and Populations, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr Hilary Bekker
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Core Texts

There is no one text that covers all aspects of this course. Below are some good, introductory texts to the broad concepts we cover in I&P. More specific chapter recommendations, additional reading and websites are included week-by-week in course handouts. There are many alternative source books on general psychology, health psychology, medical sociology and abnormal psychology available from the Health Sciences Library. Consult these if you have any problems accessing the recommendations below.

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Section 1. Understanding Psychological Concepts

· Nolen-Hoeksema S et al, Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology. 15th Edition, Cengage Learning, 2009

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Section 2. Sociology of Health, Health Behaviours and Psychological Disorders

· Barry A-M, Yuill C. Understanding the sociology of health : an introduction. 2nd Edition. (2008) Sage: UK.

· Kring, A M et al. Abnormal Psychology. 12th edition. (2013) Wiley: Singapore

· Morrison V, Bennett P. An Introduction to Health Psychology. 3rd edition. (2012) Pearson

· Ogden J, Health Psychology: a Textbook. 4th Edition, Open University, 2007

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