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Module Reading List

Language in Contexts, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Dr Catherine Kaiserman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


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Prescribed texts

There is no prescribed textbook in Level 2, as materials for class work and homework are provided. However, as in level 1, you must have your own copy of the following:

Jubb & Rouxeville, French Grammar in context , 3rd ed., Hodder 2008 for reference when doing the online exercises and extra grammar class work in the seminars.

Hawkins & Towell, French grammar and Usage , 2nd ed., Hodder 2001 or 3rd ed. 2010

A good bilingual dictionary: either Collins Robert or Oxford Hachette (French Dictionary, latest edition)

You should consider also buying a medium-sized monolingual French dictionary such as Le petit Robert . You will in any case need a copy of your own by the third year of your course at the latest.

A verb table such as Larousse de la conjugaison : tous les verbes du français, les tableaux types, les règles d'emploi.

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Additional reading for consultation and self-study

(Copies of all these books are in the University libraries)

Cultural issues:
R. Cousins, R. Hallmark & I. Pickup, Studying and working in France : a student guide ISBN: 0719055482 (pbk.) : £9.99; 9780719055485 (pbk.) : £9.99

A. Hubbell, À la recherche d'un emploi : business French in a communicative context ISBN: 9781585103720; 1585103721 ISBN: 9781585103720; 1585103721 (French Edition)

Translation issues:

N. Armstrong, Translation, linguistics, culture : a French-English handbook .

B. J. Adab, Annotated texts for translation : French-English


Chambers Harrap’s Chambers Harrap's French students' dictionary .

R.E. Batchelor & M.H. Offord, Using French - A guide to contemporary usage .

R.E. Batchelor & M.H. Offord, Using French synonyms

Grammar books:

G. Price, A comprehensive French grammar .

M. Coffman Crocker, Schaum's outline of French grammar   

M. Jubb, Upgrade your French .

M.E. Surridge, Le ou La? The Gender of French Nouns.

Further reading:

A. Lodge, N. Armstrong, Y. Ellis, J. Shelton, Exploring the French language

P. Thody and H. Evans, Faux amis & key words : a dictionary-guide to French language, culture and society through lookalikes and confusables

This list was last updated on 16/05/2017