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SLAV2109/2110 Reading List

Postcommunist / Postmodernist Identities, 2017/18, Semester 1, 2
Yuliya Kazanova
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Set Texts:

Literary texts:

Polevoi, Boris (1967). A story about a real man . Trans. Joe Fineberg. Ed. David Skvirsky. Moscow: Progress Publishers. (selected chapters) 

Pelevin, Victor (1996). Omon Ra . Trans. Andrew Bromfield. London: Faber and Faber.

Sorokin, Vladimir (2012). Day of the oprichnik : a novel . Trans. Jamey Gambrell. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, reprint edition.

Kristof, Agota (2014). The notebook ; The proof ; The third lie : three novels. Trans. Alan Sheridan. CB Editions.

Pavic, Milorad (1989). Dictionary of the Khazars : a lexicon novel in 100,000 words . Trans. Christina Pribicevic-Zoric. New York: Vintage International.

Kundera, Milan (1984). The Unbearable Lightness of Being . Trans. Michael Henry Heim. London: Faber and Faber.


Alchin, Pavla (2008). Legless (East-West). [A copy will be available in the language centre; the film will be shown in class.]

Sokurov, Aleksandr (2002). Russian ark [videorecording].

Becker, Wolfgang (2003). Good Bye, Lenin.

Svankmajer, Jan (1999). Conspirators of Pleasure

Essential background reading:

Literary theory

Lentricchia, Frank and McLaughlin, Thomas (eds.), (1995).  Critical Terms for Literary Study. Chicago, London: The University of Chicago Press. Especially sections on Representation, Structure, Discourse, Narrative, Performance, Author, Culture, Canon, Ideology, and Popular Culture.

Theories of postmodernism

Ward, Glenn (2010). Understand postmodernism [electronic resource]: Teach Yourself . London: Hodder Education. Especially Introduction and Chapter One ‘Postmodernisms.’

Lipovetsky, Mark (1999). ‘Introduction.’ In Russian postmodernist fiction : dialogue with chaos. Ed. Eliot Borenstein. Armonk, N.Y.; London: M.E. Sharpe.

Postmodernism and film

Degli-Esposti, Cristina (ed.) ( 1998). Postmodernism in the cinema. Providence, R.I.: Berghahn Books.

Essential reading on the literary texts:

Genis, Alexander (1999). ‘Borders and Metamorphoses: Viktor Pelevin in the Context of Post-Soviet Literature . In Epstein, M., Genis, A. and Vladiv-Glover, S. Russian postmodernism : new perspectives on post-Soviet culture. Oxford: Berghahn Books, 212-224.

Dreyer, Nicolas (2014). ‘Freedom and Captivity in the works of Vladimir Sorokin and Vladimir Tuchkov’. The modern language review. , 109 (3), 749-74.

Aptekman, Marina (2009). ‘Forward to the Past, or Two Radical Views on the Russian Nationalist Future: Pyotr Krasnov’s Behind the Thistle and Vladimir Sorokin’s Day of the Oprichnik .’ The Slavic and East European journal. , 53 (2), 241-60.

Marcus, Amit (2006). ‘Sameness and Selfhood in Agota Kristof's The Notebook ’, Partial answers.: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas , 4 (2). 79-90. 

Wachtel, Andrew (1997). ‘Postmodernism as Nightmare: Milorad Pavic's Literary Demolition of Yugoslavia’, Slavic and East European Journal (SEEJ) Winter; 41 (4). 627-44.

Misurella, Fred (1993). ‘Longing for Paradise: The Unbearable Lightness of Being ’, in Understanding Milan Kundera : public events, private affairs. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.

Essential reading on the films:

Emily Ewers “Museum, Archive and Historical Narrative in Russkii Kovcheg and Gorod Zero” http://lucian.uchicago.edu/blogs/theslavicforum/files/2011/12/SLAVICFORUM_2011_EWERS_PUBLICATION.pdf

 Raoul Eshelman, “Sokurov’s Russian Ark And The End Of Postmodernism,” ARTMargins http://www.artmargins.com/index.php/6-film-a-video/268-sokurovs-russian-ark-and-the-end-of-postmodernism

Cooke, Paul (2005). Representing East Germany since unification : from colonization to nostalgia. Oxford: Berg. (Chapters 1 and 4.)

Recommended further reading:

Socialist realism, Postmodernism

Appignanesi, R, Garratt, C, et al. (2003) Introducing Postmodernism. Royston: Icon Books.

Balina, Marina, Condee, Nancy and  Dobrenko, Evgeny (eds.) ( 1999). Endquote : sots-art literature and Soviet grand style . Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press.

Chernetsky, Vitaly (2007). Mapping postcommunist cultures : Russia and Ukraine in the context of globalization. Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press.

Clark, Katerina (1981). The Soviet Novel: History as Ritual. Chicago: Chicago University Press.

Epstein, Mikhail, Genis, Alexander and Vladiv-Glover, Slobodanka ( 1999) . Russian postmodernism : new perspectives on post-Soviet culture. Trans. and ed. Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover. Oxford: Berghahn.

Hutcheon, Linda (1988). A poetics of postmodernism : history, theory, fiction. New York; London: Routledge.

Jameson, Fredric (1998). The cultural turn : selected writings on the postmodern 1983-1998. London: Verso.

Jameson, Fredric (1991). Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism . London: Verso.

Lipovetsky, Mark (2000). ‘On the Nature of Russian Postmodernism . In Ryan, Kaven. Twentieth-century Russian literature : selected papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995. London: McMillan, 319-338.

Lipovetsky, Mark (1999). Russian postmodernist fiction : dialogue with chaos. Ed. Eliot Borenstein. Armonk, N.Y.; London: M. E. Sharpe.

Woods, T. (1999) Beginning postmodernism. Manchester, New York: Manchester University Press.

Valuable sources in Russian

Bogdanova, O. (2004). Postmodernizm v kontekste sovremennoĭ russkoĭ literatury : (60-90-e gody XX veka - nachalo XXI veka) Sankt-Peterburg: Filologicheskii fakultet S.-Peterburgskogo gos. universiteta.

Kuritsyn, Viacheslav (2000). Russkiĭ literaturnyĭ postmodernizm. Moskva : OGI.

Lipovetskii, Mark (1997). Russkiĭ postmodernizm : ocherki istoricheskoĭ poėtiki Ekaterinburg: Uralskii gos. ped. universitet.

Further reading on the texts and films

Banerjee, Maria Nemcová (1990). Terminal Paradox: The Novels of Milan Kundera, New York: Grove Weidenfeld.

Hames, Peter (ed.) (1995). Dark alchemy : the films of Jan Švankmajer . Trowbridge: Flicks Books.

Le Grand, Eva (1999). Kundera : or the memory of desire . Trans. Lin Burman. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press.

Miletic, Tijana ( 2008). European literary immigration into the French language : readings of Gary, Kristof, Kundera and Semprun Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Petro Peter (ed.) (1999). Critical essays on Milan Kundera, New York: G. K. Hall.

Skidmore, James M. (2008) ‘Good-Bye Reality, or the Seduction of Nostalgia: Genre and Cultural Imaginary in Good Bye, Lenin! and La Grande Séduction ’, in Keller, W. R.  and Walz, G. (eds), Screening Canadians : cross-cultural perspectives on Canadian film . Marburg, Germany: Universitätsbibliothek Marburg.

Uecker, Matthias (2007). ‘Fractured Families-United Countries? Family, Nostalgia and Nation-Building in Das Wunder von Bern and Goodbye Lenin! ’, New cinemas : journal of contemporary film. . 5 (3): 189-200.

Several useful articles on Pavic in Review of contemporary fiction. , 1998 Summer, 18 (2). Available online via University Library Catalogue.

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